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Burt Reynolds passed away


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I was going to announce it here this morning when Deb heard it on the news but wondered about it on a guitar board? Yeah, I thought it was sad him going and being in so many films. I've watched so many of them. My favorite has to be "The End" That was a very funny show with Burt and Dom Delouse. Wasn't Sally Fields in it too? RIP Burt Reynolds.

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Yep, definitely an icon. The Longest Yard (of course), Deliverance (of course), the Cannon Ball movies, the comedies with Dom Deluise (love him too), Physical Evidence, Boogie Nights ... and that is just off the top of my head. Great actor, very funny guy, and ridiculous good looks.


RIP, sir...



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No need to apologize. Just wanted to set record straight.

I never saw Cop and a Half. Bet it was good.

I did like Kindergarten cop.


I watched and loved them both. Haven't seen either in such a long time I got them mixed around. You do need to watch Cop and a Half if you haven't seen it. Very cute. A little African American kid wants to be a cop so bad, one day he witnesses a murder and won't tell police who did it till he gets to be a full fledge cop for one day. Thats where Burt Reynolds comes in. I laughed my behind off when he gives his Principle a ticket.

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