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Gibson Hummingbird 1993


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Dear all


Please find below photos of my last guitar, bought to a shop based in Alabama via Reverb (I live in France).

A dream comes true!

I wanted an acoustic Gibson for a long time, but I never found the good one: I have owned a 1957 LG1, a J45 reissue 60's, a 2000 J100 (the same that the Gibson played by Amos Lee...


I finally found this one and bought it without trying it but I don't regret!

It sounds amazing.


Obviously, the Rolling Stones' sound.


At your disposal for any question!


Few photos :











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As Bozz said, the silking on that top is excellent- one of the best Hummingbirds I ever played had similar wood selection. And speaking of wood selection- fine looking bridge, and a fretboard such as the one on your Hummingbird is getting quite hard to find.


Enjoy, and as E-minor7 said, we would love to hear a little sample.

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A real beauty! One of my favorite 'bursts too. That longer scale gives them a little more volume than the 24 3/4" IMO but some still retain the short scale sweetness somehow. I have had a few of them from the early '90s (one that I owned twice!). Should have kept it but didn't. Enjoy! Looking forward to that sound sample.

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