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I am Never shopping At WAL-MART Again


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If you have dish network, Turn it on encore/drama.


This is down right wrong, how they treat there customers, workers, and environment. Everything about them is evil, The whole walton family is a bunch of cronies. Evrything that wal-mart has ever said on commerical is a lie.


This is outragous, They break EPA laws, There stores take up space, Crimes are committed in broad day light in the parking lot.


The over seas workers are mistreated and lie to, They live and work in horrible conditions.



Man I wanna tackle that CEO

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I worked for this company for 13 years. I finally left them after they began selling edited CDs and told me that if anyone complained to say that it was a mistake. At the time, there was no laws in place to have the cds listed as edited.

Now, I feel that a lot of the music out today is garbage full of profanity and worse, but it is MY right to buy that garbage if I so choose. It is also my right to put out that garbage if I so wish.

If I don't agree with a particular artist, the worst thing I can do is to NOT buy his stuff.


Also, one of the reasons they gave for doing this was because "They felt that it was Wal Mart's responsibility to help parents raise thier children since parent's aren't able to anymore."


So, like the nanny state we're building, they felt that parents aren't capable of raising kids and it was up to the COMPANY. I don't want anybody raising my kids but me. Not the company or the state.

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Can't say I'm a huge fan of Wal-mart myself... partly because they are a frontrunner in music censorship. Although that's just the tip of the ice-berg in complaints I have with them. They do have good prices though... can't say that we don't go there now and again to stock up on ramen noodles.



BOBBO will be pleased with you ...


He's from the MLP forums right?


You know what you guys should do?


Keep that turtle away from all potatoes for a couple of days' date=' then send it to that CEO disguised in a fleshlight box.[/quote']

Brilliant!! (insert a pic of the guiness beer guys... damn i used to love those commercials)

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im all for low prices

but not @ the expense of oversea's workers


the family who owns walmart is one of the richest families in the world, but they run a company which exploits its workers, polutes the environment, and takes advantage of our capitolistic lifestyle.


i will pay a little bit more to shop @ safeway

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