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1984 The Paul with tremolo


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I owned one. It was my first guitar. I think Gibson made them for about 5 to 7 years maybe. Mine was a late 70's or early 80's. The body is walnut. Mine had no trem. That's after market. I'm sure the zebra pup is not stock. Mine had dual open coil hums and both were black.

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Yeah sometimes the manufacturers "rebrand" parts.  Like my Ibanez trem says "Licensed Under Floyd Rose Patents" - it was not manufactured by Floyd Rose.   Sometimes the other way around - that trem could be manufactured by Kahler, and they slap a Gibson logo on it. 

Maybe it's a special run?  Does the ser# conform to typical Gibson numbering? 

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The Gibson "The Paul" also came as Version I and II's which were indicated on the trussrod cover. Coming with a variety of types of humbuckers and with relief on the contoured edges (kind of like an SG) including a few with sculpted tops. 

21 hours ago, Judson said:

Lol. Thanks for the tip!!

The Kahler 2200 tremolo built for Gibson was first produced in 85, so this 84 "The Paul" most likely had it installed later. Also note that the Kahler 2200 required some material to be removed from the guitar to allow a little space for the cam-fulcrum and 2 springs. So there is a small hogged out area in the wood under the tremolo.


These original Gibson/Kahler tremolos can sell used for around $300 and up depending on condition.

Note: these original Gibson/Kahler tremolos seem to be very desirable.

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On 7/11/2021 at 5:35 PM, Jeff jay said:

I think that is my guitar from 1983.  I had the tremolo put in and pick up switch moved.  Any interest in selling?   214-790-9384

id love to see more photos but sure looks like it.   

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