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Do you recognize these fellows?


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1 minute ago, Rabs said:

Yes.. And apparently the one with Jimi is a very young Billy Gibbons (on the right I think)...

I think they were called Moving Sidewalk or something like that.  Yep I was pretty sure that was him also.

Nice pics Rabs!

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12 hours ago, Rabs said:

Yeah me too. I have seen both Yes and Asia with him... 

I love Yes too. Saw Steve with Asia twice and when he was in GTR with Hackett. If Steve thinks at Father Time's age he is pulling off that long hair looks cool on him...he's not.

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8 hours ago, merciful-evans said:

This fellow is a great favourite of mine, but I wouldn't recognise him from this pic


Saw him open for The Grateful Dead in '86 or 7 at the Laguna Seca Racetrack in Monterey, CA. I remember he did the song Chain Gang. I listened to I, Flathead a few weeks back.

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16 hours ago, Brucebubs said:

Try this guy.



I've got him now too.  It's the ears.  And the guitar.  My suspicions were aroused when I realised........:-$


This one is a bit small but think I see Hanks senior and jr (?), Willie, Kristofferson, Waylon, George Jones, Cash, Merle...?


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