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Here's my Studio...     Flight959

LP 50`s Tribute Humbucker Rosewood fretboard:      

OK, here we go again. Most people have already seen this before, but here's my 2004 Studio Plus. I love it without an ounce of Standard envy :-     Notice the SG in the reflection?  

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Nice guitar there casey_vee. I like the Carvin V3 too. I have a Legacy VL212 combo. [thumbup]


Hey thanks! It's my first Gibson. I'm jonesing for a goldtop reissue like the one Doug Aldrich uses, or a standard.


The V3 took a lot of work to get it to have that cool old Marshall Plexi tone. Lots of trial and error with different pwr and pre tubes. Finally the magical combination of JJ 6L6 pwr's and Sovtek 12ax7 pre's and my Gibby couldn't be happier. Named her Perla after Slash's hot wife. Lol

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Oh wow! I never thought that us Studio owners might have a club to!!! [thumbup]




Posted these before, I'll just post the two, to show the before and sweet, sweet after. I was going for a '59 Reissue look, with modern updates (the speed knobs, basically)... I think she came out sweet.




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