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Here's my Studio...     Flight959

LP 50`s Tribute Humbucker Rosewood fretboard:      

OK, here we go again. Most people have already seen this before, but here's my 2004 Studio Plus. I love it without an ounce of Standard envy :-     Notice the SG in the reflection?  

Posted Images

Thanks! I love her tons! I use her as the background on my phone and tablet now to.




she's a beauty. i did the same. mine had the butterscotch plastics and black speed knobs. changed the plastics out with the vintage cream and put amber top hats on.

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Bought my 2003 Wine Red Les Paul Studio earlier this year in Portland, Oregon. Went into my music shop to kill time and console myself after the break up of a relationship. Turns out a local musician, a drummer by trade, bought a Strat, a Tele, and the Les Paul, thinking that he wanted to make the switch to guitar. Must be nice to just start out with one of each of those. Anyway, he quickly found he didn't really like it for whatever reason and sold all three back to the store. The Fenders were gone within three days and only the Les Paul remained. I played it for a long time in a private room and just couldn't believe how wonderful it felt.


I was one of those guys who never thought I'd own a Gibson. Maybe it was the amazing tone. Maybe it was retail therapy after the breakup. Maybe it's a combination of both, but I left the shop with the guitar, complete with the Gibson USA hardshell case, and a smile on my face.


I've enjoyed playing it every day since. Wonderful guitar. I changed the look of it a bit to suit my taste. Sorry I'm not any better at taking pictures (or figuring out how to get large, full-sized photos uploaded) than I am at shredding.

post-67329-009777700 1418948602_thumb.png

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Hey Studio Folks!


I just recently joined, so thought it would be a good thing to show my toys. When I started playing a few years ago, I *thought* I wanted to play a strat ... but struggled with the scale and radius, and shape ... then a good friend suggested I try a Les Paul, which for some reason I didn't like. (no idea where that came from?) Anyway, after studying models and specs, and a long discussion with my wallet (and Mrs. CFO!), I bought this 2011 Studio Pro Faded ... and found my match. Since then I've bought a few more Gibbys, but this one is so light weight and versatile, it still gets the most play time. I've changed pickups several times, the original Burstbucker pros just didn't like my 5E3 Deluxe clone amp. Tried S-D P-Rails for a bit, but now very happy with a DiMarzio 36th Anniversary bridge and S-D Pearly Gates neck. Other mods are a TUSQ nut, and Orange Drop caps ... the rest does what it's supposed to do.


Oh, my avatar trc is on this guitar. [cool]







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Here's my 1994 Gibson Les Paul Studio Lite MIII in Translucent Red


Have the truss rod cover off currently as it's getting New .010" strings, action job, cleanup etc..


I can get just about any sound from this beast that a Strat or Les Paul Classic could make Plus One..


1994 Gibson Les Paul Studio Lite MIII





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