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I voted pre ground. It's what I buy.


I'd rather the better, but I'm a busy guy and have it made the night before, ect.


Never got into the fancy stuff. I lived in Louisiana for 15 years, coffee is supposed to be strong and taste like sh!t.





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Tim Horton's


Timbo you need to set your sites higher. I dont understand Canadians love of Tim Hortons coffee.

It always tastes burnt and like the cardboard cup.


I usually drink it at home, but when im out, Coffee Time is my java of choice. Trouble is, around here all

you see are Hortons.

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Side note... I just got back from NYC (midtown a few blocks from Central Park) and I was surprised at how few independent coffee shops were there. F'n Starbucks has taken over! Is this true all over the city or only in that area?

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I'll take mine late, capacino, french pressed, brewed fresh or iced.

Problem is I've had a lot of kidney stones in the last couple of years so I decided to give it up. It's been since Feb. 10 since my last cup of java.

I love coffee and it has been hard giving it up. About a week into giving it up Californiagirl made a fresh pot by accident one morning. That was hard.

Since the I've wanted to break my coffee fast every now and then.

I have been a hard coffee drinker for many years. It wasn't uncommon for me to drink nine cups before rushing off to school in the morning. Then later in the day have another two or three.

My favorite came from a company called Diedrich's. They used to sell from all over the world. Jamaican Blue Mountain, Sumatra, Zimbabwe, Kona, Ecuador, Columbia, Somalia, Java and many other exotic places. I loved them all.

I'll probably start drinking again just because I do love it so much.

Has anyone ever heard the song "Coffee Monkey" by the Bottle Rockets?

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I like to have mine fresh ground at home. But at work I drink Navy Coffee. By the time I get to it on my shift its allready been cooking all day. Its almost exspresso when we drink it. The closest coffee I've had to Navy coffee is Cuban coffee when I lived in Miami. At home I add Irish liquor to my coffee, my favorite.

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