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Tina Turner has passed away


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One thing I remember......

Back when **** Cavett  was trying to be so cool by having late '60's rock stars on his show like Jimi Hendrix, and booking CSN on the show that was broadcast on the last night of the Woodstock festival(Joni Mitchell was on that show too)?   Well, one night I think in late '69 or early '70 he had Janis Joplin on the show and he asked her  who was her favorite woman singer  and with no hesitation Janis quickly answered, "Tina Turner, for sure."   And another guest on the show(I forget who) also nodded in agreement.  And Cavett asked,  "Would you think less of me if I admitted that I have no idea who that is?"   And lost any "cred" he worked so hard at trying to achieve.

Yep.  Janis loved Tina years before the "come lately's" who didn't know who she was before "What's Love Got To Do With It" came out.

And no obit I've read mentions her turn as the acid queen in the movie "Tommy".

She was one great vocal and stage performing powerhouse.

Rest In Peace, Tina.


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