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So who scored the nicest guitar from 2009?


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Was it Thundergods custom Thundercaster or maybe Are Nines (Tim's) Pearly Gates or a PRS or ??? who scored the sweetest axe in 2009.


Im gonna jump in with a non Gibson but gotta go for the Trussart Dragon only makes 70-100 guitars a year maybe two or three of the dragon so rare and amazing but not a sure thing but there's some nice ones out there this year so show us you killer guitar from this year and all you others other vote for your favorite. it was a great guitar year for me with 10-15 new guitars and some of them were nice A Wilshire or maybe the Green Brian Setzer Gretsch but nope nothing comes close to beating the dragon.










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Silverbursted' date=' nice collection man!

The YJM Strat has some unique frets, what's the story about that? Never seen before...[/quote']

The YJM's are scalloped all the way up the fret board. Very cool to play, you barely have to press down to get a clean note. If you do it will go sharp and sound like crap. I actually find I play my other guitars better after I play this one.

It's the only signature guitar I own.

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