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your fave live album?

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I love live music and I promise, I'm not messing with you guys when I post these 2 favs of mine. Comments not suggesting a rare mental disorder are welcome.






I might even like to post James Taylor as one of the most under appreciated guitar players. What he does I find just amazing. [biggrin]

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Skynyrd's "One More From the Road"


EC "24 Nights"


Robert Earle Keen "The Live Album"


Guy Clark "Keepers" and "Live at the Bluebird" with Steve Earle and Townes Van Zant


Springsteen "Live '75 - 85'" and "Hammersmith Oden"


Steve Earle "To Hell and Back"

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just asking' date=' how many of you have heard the "blues alive" album? and what do you think of it?...[/quote']


No, I haven't. If it's anything like the Youtube vids you post, I'm not interested. And until he returns Montroses stolen guitar, I wont spend a dime on him.

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