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your fave live album?

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Not one live album by any band has NOT had some kind of overdub in one way or another.


The reason Dave Mason titled his seventies live album "Certified Live", was in response to all the studio overdubbing being done on "live" albums, and the fact that SUPPOSEDLY his contained NONE, and was actually just as it was played.


My Favorite, as you might guess, would be Allman Bros. Fillmore East, combined with the live sides of Eat A Peach. I always thought of all those live tracks together.

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Most of AC/DC's earlier live recordings with Bon Scott. Like the If You Want Blood live album. There's a cd that came with the backing tracks 3 cd set, not the amp pack, that has a lot of their rare live performances. I also really like The White Stripes' Live album of their Icky Thump tour in Canada in 2007.





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