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Holy Crap!!!!! That's a lot of Les Paul's!!!!! haha. My guitar collection is tiny, but I have only just begun my guitar journey (one year). Plus with my two electric guitars, I try to extract as many tones as possible. No Pics, not at home right now sorry!!!


Gibson ES 335 Dot Reissue Satin Cherry (added a B7 Bigsby, changed the bridge pickup from a 57' classic to a 498T, then converted the neck pickup into a 4-wire conducter pickup. Installed Coil Splits and Phase Inverters for the Pickups. Really happy with this. Main Guitar for me.


Fat Strat Clone Fiesta Red w/ Maple Neck + Birdeye Maple Fretboard (for when I need to go crazy with a whammy bar, or need something with a brighter tone with lots of bite. I use an EMG Set up. I changed the two tone pots into Push/ Pulls for a Coil Split on the Humbucker, and the other which activated the Neck and Bridge, or activates all three. its called a "Tele Mod" for those interested)


Martin D-35 (stock. Not a big acoustic guy, but its there when I need one)


Norman Dreadnought (Canadian Acoustic!!! For when friends come over and want to play and I dont want them to touch my expensive guitars)


had more, but I sold them!!! had a Telecaster and a beat up 90's strat but I sold them to help finance my ES 335's upgrades. BUT with the Coil Taps, I can get that Tele Twang for when I play country, which is.... NEVER. But hey? It's there.


Hoping to buy a Les Paul Three Pick up Black Beauty or a Gold Top with P90's



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All you guys SUCK!


J/K! Great collections![crying]


I used to have a small "collection" (8), but ended up selling most of them off. I'm down to three now...well, technically 5, but one is in a million pieces awaiting a refin, and the other one is an early '60s in need of a SERIOUS restoration.

I'm hoping to add a couple of more soon, but probably not until after I get married next summer (for obvious reasons).


Damn priorities!#-o[cool]


Here's the most recent pic (taken last year) of some of my collection before a couple of them went bye, bye:


(Left to Right) '85 Epi By Gibson S-500 (sold), '02 Epi LP Standard Plus, Fender MIM Splatter Strat (sold), and a '95 Slammer By Hamer Pacer.


The good news is that the ones I got rid of were not sold in vein, but to fund the purchase of the latest addition (purchased 8 months ago):



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OK if you're asking.


First the Fenders. A 50s classic player Strat and an AVRI 52 Tele.



My acoustics. An Epi Texan reissue and an old early 90s Alvarez artist.



Les Paul Studio deluxe




Rickenbacker 330



IBJL Casino




Casino w/bigsby



Slash signed Goldtop




Gretsch 5122



Hofner bass



Most of the gang


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Here's mine, it's very small. I think my next guitar will be an Epiphone Dot.


I'm cleaning my sg and getting it ready for new strings, it'll be a while before i can buy a new set.



I still don't have this guitar ready to play lol


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The begginings of a collection.... I have to admit I'm a sucker for that strat...


The Les Paul has done me well, gotta love her. (2001, hence the 1/2 sized inlays)


1965 Guild A-50, ordered online, hit the jackpot. Not too big, loud enough for me, and I love the tone.


I guess I have a thing for red guitars....

Thank god I didnt have to take 20 guitars out of their cases and arrange them without breaking anything...



Uploaded with ImageShack.us

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Gibson4life, thanks for posting. I have to show all those LP's to my wife. she thinks i have alot now . there are a few more i need . lol !!!!

it's an amzing collection you have there. Beautyful man. My photo is missing a couple 1 LP and a new bass(SG Standard) i bought today.

i have to take a few group pics soon.










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OK' date=' I can't resist anymore, ... the picture of my small couch is on its way ... with the accent on 'small' ... [cool']

BTW, very beautiful collection guys!


Kris, I've been waiting for that for a long time...


Nice collections, everyone! Here's the only guitar of mine that I have any pictures of...






Yes, I know--the bevels have been described by others as "wimpy." I don't care, because it's mine and I love it, so there.

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Jaxson' date=' for a guitar from 1905, the "Old Girl" looks to be in remarkably good condition. [thumbup']

There is a interesting story behind that old box, I bought it from the widow of the original owner in 1976, it was stuck in a corner behind some boxes in a bedroom where I saw it while working on her house. I asked her if she would sell it and she said, "my husband was playing that guitar the night I met him at a barn dance, I was playing a National resonator, I sold that old National for $15.00 and I won't sell this guitar for anything less than $30.00!"

Well, I gave in.....and did the work on her house for free..

It was in poor shape, the neck was bowed, the top was sunk, and with no truss rod it would need special attention. The work was done by American Dream Guitar in Lemon Grove by Moze, a young Bob Taylor was part owner of that little shop.

It needs a little work now, some of the binding is loose, as it has no truss rod I use light strings. It is rare in that it was built with rose wood back and sides, which from what I was told was a special order at the time. Most Washburn parlors were made with mahogany. It has a wide fretboard, much like a classical guitar, but it is a delight to play.

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Here we go!:


2002 Gibson SG Supreme and 2009 Sg Standard




2008 Carvin Bolt and 2009 Fender AM Std Tele:




1993 Hamer Studio '59 Burst and 1993 Hamer Special p-90 in CAR




1999 Heritage H-535 and 2005 Heritage H-150CM




1986 Carvin V220




2000 Hamer Newport in Translucent Orange sparkle




2004 Carvin CT6M in Sunsetburst




did I miss any?

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