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I pick up a second hand Samick SG tomorrow will take some photos when I get it home....but I thought I would share this.....


I came across a video with a woman called Rosetta Tharpe


WOW and can someone identify that SG for me








What the bloody hell...did not expect that! Nice frickin' SG though...

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Yes' date=' the SG's were called Les Pauls in the beginning, but then Les Paul refused to lend his name to it, and they changed it to [b']S[/b]olid Guitar.


Les was also going through a divorce from Mary Ford at the time and he ended his contract so she couldn't get royalties or whatever from his association with Gibson. Don't forget that LPs were not hot sellers in those days, not until later in the 60s when Clapton, Page, etc. made them cool again.

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Finally picked up my Samick SG.


Will post some better photos when I get back on my own computer. It was very cheap second hand. Picked it up from the young guy who was selling it and the action was very high but other wise it was in ok condition. Took it home and because of the price I paid I took it apart and put it back togther with a set of Ernie Ball regular slinky 10's I had lying around.


I really enjoy playing this guitar and I am not afraid when the kids are around and it sits nice in my lap when I watching TV with the family and I practice a little. Would not be as comfortable with a Sheraton or JP and would not want the kids pawing those.....


It is a smashing little workhorse.......My first electric was a JP and when I bought my Sheratons I was impressed by the extra sustain. This Samick SG is a solid light coloured wood and when I had the pickups up for a peek inside if seems to be solid wood not ply......It holds a note for a long time........


Also I have decided to make my own harness for this guitar and test out a lot of pickups and configurations. The easy access and because it was so cheap makes it an ideal test bed guitar.


Really happy with my Samick SG it is a cheap entry level guitar. It has made me want a really nice SG one day (but no hurry) this one is fine for now, stays in tune (samick grovers) intonates perfectly nice and easy to play. Just one thing bugging me which I will sort once I take some advice just on the 7th fret on the "A" string it buzzes slightly suspect a high fret. Once that is sorted will be very happy with my first SG.

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Joe' date=' say it isn't so...


A solidbody guitar.........:-k



I kept looking for your post of this, and BTW







Thanks Smips


It is a lot of fun and it is a SAMICK ended up costing me $113 dollars. Sounds great as it is, stays in tune, looks nice.


The wife says she wants me to show her a few chords on it.


Great for sitting and practicing very comfortable compared to the hollows...


Its here as a guinea pig guitar.


I needed something to "experiment" my luthier skills LOL on.......poor thing it should saved from my fumblings....but in saying that other than a buzz when I fret on 7th on the A string it is a cracker.


Just need to know how to sort that.....[biggrin]



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Try overwrapping the strings on the stopbar, that might help. Did it with my Lester and Dot....




Maybe, a slight adjustment the to bridge screw...


or a good buffing of the frets with a handy Dremel


and if your risky, filing the fret down.....[biggrin]

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