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We haven't had one of these in a while...Great Guitarists


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Nice. I have a lot of respect for finger pickers. I've never been much good at it but I suppose if I really worked hard in a few years I could be mediocre. They seem to play the guitar like a piano, with the thumb playing a rhythm section like a pianist left hand while the fingers play melody or accompany.


I see you have a Seagull, I have a Simon and Patrick myself made by the same "company", nice guitars.

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I'll give you what you paid for the Sheraton and pay for your ale all night in the Casa in Hope Street (my local when I am back home)....on top [biggrin]


Edit: Don't want to hijack the thread wow how did that happen to the neck AS....was it like that when you got it? What effect does it have.......I suppose if I had to have an Elitist it would have to be mint, can't see the point otherwise........... I have two players here.

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I like the idea of a "Great Guitarists" thread, especially if he or she is a player most people are not normally aware of.


For a while I've been playing around with a cover of Cast Your Fate to the Wind (it was an old '60s instrumental I found in my Mum's collection of 45s ).


Anyway, after practicing it for a while and laying it down in three or so tracks I was becoming quite pleased with the results. Then I went on youtube looking to see if anyone else had been having a stab at it...


...where I found this guy's version of it. :-s




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The Andy McKee and Joscho Stephan clips were inspirational (perhaps inspiring me to give up and sell off the collection - NO NEVER!) Let's give a tip of the hat to their inspirations,


Michael Hedges, who pioneered acoustic/percussive style (not too prominent in this one, but the tune just kicks so hard):






And Django, perhaps the only good clip out there...



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I think what I love about the guitar, is that there never seems

to be an end to the different sounds and patterns that good

players can find.

What I like about Chet Atkins is the economy of movement in his hands.

Joscho is a great player also. And what else can you say about Wes.


Watching good players is a bit disheartening, but also inspiring.

Keep 'em comin'!!

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