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Do you have plan's for your gear?

Steven Tari

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My wife and I are making up our Will and the question came up what to do with the gear I've got in my collection. I don't have an other guitar players in my family. I would like to keep them in the family. But it looks like all my stuff will come up for sale when I die. I hope to get my grandson playing and leave the best guitars and amps to him. but you know how life is. I was asked why it's such a big deal to me, I'll be dead. The guitars I have and love. Just don't want to see them mistreated or distroyed after all the years of care I've given them. Got any plans for yours?

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My girl (22) and I'm pretty sure her plan is to get most of them well before I die. She borrows them periodically and it's a strange kind of borrowing I guess they might technically still be mine but it's a pretty sure bet I'll never have them in my possession again. :unsure:


Hell at least she's consistent. And honestly I don't really mind she's a musician and she definitely knows how to play them, and she takes care of her (my) gear so good for her. It makes it easy if you only have one child if our parents are still alive they get some cash, but everything else will go to her anyway.

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One of my mottos; He who dies with the most guitars wins.......This won't be me, but, yes, arrangements are made and done.....


Yes, some guitars will be buried with me....................[thumbup] [thumbup] [thumbup] ......

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I don't understand the buried with me answers.

Guitars were created to bring joy and stuffing it in a box, in the ground, with you seems such a waste.


My wife and kids already have dibs on their favorites.


my daughter = Surf green strat

oldest son= 52 Tele

youngest son= Ric 330

my wife= Slash GT LP


my grandkids will get to choose from what's left.msp_thumbup.gif

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My 4 year old has her eye on most of it. She is especially fond of my Blonde Tele. Mind you I reckon she may swap my Custom LP for a pink Hello Kitty guitar.


And I really think she may have ideas about converting my AC30 into a dolls house.

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I want nothing I used (that's still around when I'm dead) during my life to be wasted, so this means I won't be buried with any gear.

Actually--and I am not kidding here--it means that, before I'm buried, my vital organs will be stripped from my body and made available for transplantation, or my body will be donated to a medical institution for research or education. Afterwards they'll put me in the ground, I guess--but not before full use is made of me.


The gear, if I have family, goes to them. If not, I'm not sure what legal procedures are on the matter, but nothing will be buried with me. It seems like a waste to me, and I think that, even if my guitars are all worn and busted up, they'll do a lot more good out in the world being played than they would covering up a rotting dead guy. I mean, I can't play 'em when I'm dead.

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Unfortunately where my gear is concerned, my duaghter is a south paw, and she plays that way with her MIM Strat and Fender Jazz bass. So, it's a good question. One of my nieces plays, though not the way she ought to, at least if she was to have the kind of gear that I have. I could leave them to my daughter with the condition that she trade them in for lefties, or she could learn to be ambitexterous! The again I could stipulate that she hang on to them in the event that she has children, maybe they could play???

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Guest FarnsBarns

I have thought about this. My wife is not a musician all though she does work for a major label and is seriously into music. I feel if I left them to her she would feel that she had to lug them around for the rest of her life. I don't have kids and don't think I ever will. My nephew plays and I gave him an one of my guitars but he is not yet fully entrenched and you get the feeling he could develop an interest in girls and beer at any moment and forget his guitar playing.


I went to a Steiner school and I believe whole heartedly in there methods of nurturing creatvity. I think I might leave it up to my wife but let her know that I think donating my gear to a Steiner school would be a good thing to do if she didn't want them as a keepsake.


If I am the last to die I will probably have found out if my nephew has stuck at it or not so then I will know whether its him or a Steiner school.

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Basically my "stuff" should be sold and given to a charity I've specified.


No children ergo no grandchildren. Nice nieces and nephews but no pickers. My "baby" brother 28 years younger would be the choice if he were more of a picker but I think he's more into keyboard/computer musicmaking.


Should something occur other than that I've wished, then ...


"Untie these bands from off my hands

And gie to me my sword,

An' there's no' a man in all the world

But I'll brave him at a word.


"There's some come here to see me hanged,

And some to buy my fiddle,

But before that I do part wi' her

I'll brak her thro' the middle.


"He took the fiddle into both o' his hands

And he broke it o'er a stone.

Says, There's nae ither hand sail play on thee

When am dead and gone."



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