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Today is my birthday..

Sancho Panza

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Though it could've been any other day. I think that after you've turned 20, it doesn't even matter anymore. Anyone has any plans one can do on this horrible day?


ALSO! Anyone who has good ears and can transcribe songs? Like always with me, it's a garage psych classic, I have part of the lyrics already, but, some parts are really hard to hear. Maybe someone could help me (english isn't my first language) Since it IS my birthday :D


First verse:


It’s hard enough for me to see

When you’ve taken my eyes from me

And thrown them in the filth on the street

You crush them on the floor


(Here it's tough)

I see that ...

Know your name (?)

You're on your knees (?)

And you ... me (?)


I cuttin' grass, I feel alone, I need your ..



I need, I need, I need, I need, I need, I need

I need your love

I seen .. (?)

Otherwise it's far far, and you known your .. (?)

You don't even know


If you think I'm really bad

Take a look into my melted plastic brain

And run your fingers down my nerves

Auntil you reach my soul


Caretakers of Deception - Cuttin' Grass

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Guest FarnsBarns

Forgot to insert the link; good one. Haha.


Thanks for reminding me!


Happy birthday!


Am I being thick or are we still unclear on the name of the song?


Edit - found it. Was being thick! Will have a good listen when I'm on my computer (not phone)

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I can't help with the song either but I sure do wish you a great birthday.

If possible, give your mom a hug. In a way it is her birthday too.



Thanks Dave,


I wish I could, she's on the other side of the planet! Though I will keep that in mind 'til when she gets home!

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