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NEW guitar tonight


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I went to the store tonight and brought one of my guitars with me to see about the possibility of a TRADE for something else. I had a nice Telecaster copy that I don't use much anymore. So I went inside to see what was on display. I looked around and this little Epiphone SG caught my eye. It was the color that attracted me to it. It was a very dark maroon. It looked really nice and shiny. So I picked it up and saw it was a "Special" for $169 US. I figured for that price I probably should go check out the G-400 across the room. So I took the Special and walked over to a Fender amp. The same model I have at home, the Super Champ. I dialed in my favorite tone on amp, plugged the little guy in and WOW! I couldn't believe the sound, feel, and quality of this guitar! I have seen other Specials before and they were nowhere near as nice as this one. I guess the factory makes some A+ models if you are lucky enough to find them. The color is a rich, very dark red/maroon...with black open coil pickups. I never liked the open coil look, but the deep red finish of the guitar and the black pickups look really cool together. Even with the stock strings, they feel like 9's....it stayed in tune, and sounded totally fantastic. So after chatting with the salesman They took my Tele copy in trade in exchange for the SG!!I have 2 other SG's, A Junior with P90, and a Gibson SG Special with P90's....I guess you can never have too many SG's. The pick guard is a smallish one and one strange thing I noticed was the tone control also acts as a "Kill switch". I saw this round paper tag around the knob and read it. It said to "push the knob" to kill the output. I have no idea the purpose of that and will probably just ignore it. I tried it out and I guess it has some function. But I dont need it. The tuners are the usual cheap-O kind but the guitar seems to stay in tune fine. And the thing that amazed me the most.....the STOCK PICKUPS sound GREAT!!! I replace pickups on all my guitars....but this little beauty sounds perfect the way it is! Especially the bridge...incredible...not shrill.....perfect!!! Nice growl thru my tube amp. Both pickups together sound nice and round and chunky. The neck is just a tad bit muddy but not bad. I MAY replace that one with something with a little more high end. Not sure yet what to look for. So I am very happy and overjoyed that I found this nice guitar!!! I have been skeptical about some of the newer Epi models. But this guitar has proven that Epi still make quality guitars. Even the action is perfect! I might not even change the crummy strings yet! It plays like butter. And feels good to hold.....I wasn't expecting to make out like this tonight when I walked in that store!

post-20641-011652000 1327636879_thumb.jpg

post-20641-072281500 1327637013_thumb.jpg

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Regarding pics of this ilk....


Should we blame the girls


Or the photographer?..... [thumbup]








Neither. Blame, or thank, Rock'n'Roll because electric guitars and hot babes have always gone together! [flapper]




By the way...HNGD, w1av! She's a real beauty!

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Congrats. Good to hear you are pleased with your new guitar.

Bit of a rush this morning. Will listen to some of your music and watch some of your vids later.


I did get a chance to look at your pics.

(only a suggestion)

If you do not smile 'till you are 50, you're face will crack. (Kidding)



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