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The original was a '54 Jeff bought second-hand in a shop called Strings and Things in Memphis. It was a near-black refinish described as like ox-blood in moonlight, whatever the foo THAT looks like. Someone before Jeff got hold of it had dumped the factory fit P-90's in favour of PAF's. This was an old-school heavy 'hog guitar, sustain was the result, helped by the single piece bridge and tailpiece, which couples well to the body and doesn't damp vibration like a two-piece..... or so the luthiers say. Only drawback of that is no intonation fine tune - so best stick with the string gauge fitted.


Only internal special is paper-in-oil stripey caps and CTS pots for authenticity.


For some reason the Jeff Beck faithful reproduction schpiel broke down at the pups - Jeff's had '57 PAF Classics, this has BurstBuckers, but at least the covers are off, as Jeff had it.


What else is there to say..... the guitar that inspired James Patrick to go Zep, and Clappers to become EC. And the player, of course. Dig out those early Jeff Beck recordings with the Yardbirds and his eponymous group. Listen and learn. Catch him today - he'll blow you away.

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Thanks for your reply and spot on with the description, although there is also a school of thought that Jeff's Oxblood was once a goldtop that was refinished? ? ?


The colour is indeed quite strange going from black when the light is not bright through to a very deep burgundy colour in bright sunlight (oxblood in the moonlight as you say) - although I'll pass on seeing the real thing!:-&


By the way - I dont know how the poll got in there it's my first post on this forum so I guess I got finger trouble!

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Great history on Becks Lester.


I heard that the reason Beck stopped using it was because one of his guitar techs changed the pots

without Jeffs knowledge. Being tone savy, Beck picked up on the tone change and decided he didnt like it

and abandoned the guitar all together.

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...you forgot to ad one more option


"no and I dont care to know"


just kidding... are you askinig about the les paul in general or about that guitar you are holding?



EDIT: you were talking about that one in particular... (ok ok I read that in a hurry as I just came in and hahve other stuff to do...)


Nive guitar BTW... have more pics?

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Hmm, it does look like Cape Town to me from the reflection on your guitar (could it be ANY shinier?!?).


Beautiful guitar!! Trust me, you don't need a poll to get the history on a guitar on this forum. Just ask and "ye shall receive" is what I quickly found out.

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Silverbursted - Thaks for your welcome - yes most Southern part of Africa and my mom is from Knoxville ) loved Nashville when I was ther a few years ago.


rocketman - I got finger trouble and ended up with the poll by mistake.


guitarslinger - thanks for your welcome and I have a few guirars including a '68 tele, gilmour strat, explorer and 1954 strat 50th anniversary built by Todd Kraus.


Ian Martin - slipknot is one of my favourite bands - yours too I guess?


mildperv and R9 - actually it was a platinum spoon I was borne with not silver! LOL :)


AXE - Sorry mate I got confused with my forst post - there isnt supposed to be a poll.


Thermionic - you are right - when in doubt read the words carefully.

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I like a bunch of other bands too.


Pink Floyd, Deep purple, Hendrix, Blur, Eric Clapton, Red hot Chilli PEppers, Jeff Beck, Led Zepplin.


The list goes on - and on.


In fact the only music I dont really like is ©RAP.


So the Oxblood is just a great sounding guitar, and let's face it - when you have your distortion turned up 99% and high volumes, and phasers, and all the other effects who notices anyway?



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