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j200 "elvis presley"


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I believe this was one of Gibson's many limited edition (250) guitars. I don't believe that there would be any greater value on this J200 guitar than any other - except to a particular buyer who might want one. It is 15 years old and must be looked at as a 15-year old J200. IMO of course. Of course, Elvis did not make this nor was it made for him. His was a 1956. More story here: http://www2.gibson.com/News-Lif40%20ESSENTIAL%20SNARE%20DRUM%20RUDIMENTSestyle/Features/en-us/legendary-guitar-elvis-417.aspx

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Given that the guitar is worth around $350-$450 - and his horrible attitude - good luck with that. I wouldn't give him $200 for his bad attitude.



I assume you are talking about the Epiphone Elvis, and not Buddy Holly's J-45 that John Thomas is holding. I think I would take Buddy's J-45 over Elvis's J-200 replica any day.

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If you want to see tone killer…check out this Martin Elvis edition:




Leather cover comes in handy when you're swiveling the hips with a big belt buckle.


I think this guy is off a little. They did make a limited edition but his is not one of them. Their label clearly states ## OF 175.


I have the same model as his and it's not the limited. It's a real nice customized D28 with the cover removed with a Carpathian Spruce top, Grover tuners, Grained Ivoroid binding and fancy inlaids.

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i came across this Gibson SJ200 elvis presley made in 2005.


does anyone know what the value might be?




Just my opinion, but that pickguard is "butt-ugly" and does not belong on a "Gibson".


The following is a link to the REAL 1974 J200 Elvis guitar and 'how' it came to be. I stumbled on this while searching about a 'regular' '74 J200 sunburst up for sale in my 'neck of the woods'...I like it but I am afraid the seller 'likes it' more.


I know....Norlin, double-X-braced, BUT still a good sounding and playing J200. I own a Norlin J100 (rarer) that pretty much does the same thing.....but....the sunburst 200 bling is calling my name...and associated with Elvis' custom ebony '200'....all the more special...


Here is the 'story'....








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Serial number looks like an Epiphone.  Neck carve is no Gibson. It is cool looking, if it played good and was the right price it may be okay but I have a thing about guitars not being what they are labeled.  

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