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New strings, happy fingers


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Been playing my acoustic a lot lately and last night the G string broke so I thought,

time to change the strings... I wanted to string up a set of light strings and was going

through various set I have. I tend to buy strings if I see them on sale or if i want to try

something new. I found in my stash a set of 12s, I thought, na to heavy. I found three sets of 11s

which is what I have been using lately and was trying to decide between the three sets.

Then I found a set of acoustic 10s... I thought I'll give em a go... strung

them up and it was like WOW..! Crisp and bright and easy on the fingers withought losing

body. I have strung up my acoustic with electric 10s before and liked the playability but

they were too bright and lacked body. These D'Addario phosphor bronze extra light .010 -.047

are great...!

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I keep telling people to go for the small strings. After a few years of playing mostly 9's I just tried my first set of 8's. It took a little getting used too but I love them.

Yeah im a 9s guy.. Always played with EB Super Slinkys...... I did try the Cobalt ones which were interesting but went back to my beloved Super Slinkys :)


The EB Hybrid Slinkys are pretty cool .009, .011, .016, .026, .036, .046 so you get fatter low strings for rhythm and thinner high strings for lead..


Never tried 8s.. but I understand that you need a really light touch to play with them.. which im not sure is for me... im happy with my 9s :)

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How does Phil Collen play with 13's on his Jacksons? It must be like cheese wire.


I used flatwound 13s on my archtop. Sounded excellent but such hard work. I dropped them to 11s. Even with 11's I cant bend or use vibrato. In part due to the 25.5" scale but also the build. Not too important for jazz, which is what its used for.


On my Fylde acoustic I use a custom set. Phospher bronze regular (54 44 32) at the bottom , but with light gauge (10 13 17) at the top, mainly because I dont like a wound 3rd.


Other than the classical guitars, everything else is 10s.

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