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Fender strat vs LP custom : the duet


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Whoa, what's everyone reported for? What did I miss?


Not sure, I don't see anything offensive or suspicious on the thread before the odd 'reporting' stuff. I might be wrong, but in a strange twist to the plot it looks like the person reporting the 'trolling' might be the troll. Or maybe they are all trolls and you, Scales, Pinch and I have been sucked into a trolling plot to take over the forum. We need Columbo on the case as I am confused [smile] All I know is you guys I mentioned are the only posters on this thread I know of and trust.

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I'm Sorry everyone, I sure didn't intend to get everyone banned.


I clicked on the OP's video, after 1 minute of some dude standing in a spotlight alone, with an acoustic guitar and no sight of a strat or Les Paul, I assumed he had posted the wrong video.


LOLO - This was nothing personal, I was with a since of humor trying to say you either posted the wrong video, or your title was misleading.


I will not respond to you any further.

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