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Spending Sal's Money

Mr. Paul

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Too much going on with that guitar. I can't stand abalone rosettes and trim on any acoustic guitar, especially a J45. For me, part of the beauty if a J45 is it's simplicity and how it's appointments are understand, while not being bland or boring at the same time. Classy and elegant. Just doesn't look right when they start overloading a J45 with bling or any kind.

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It’s a bit of an extreme looking thing, but gave me the warm’n’fuzzies to visit the Wildwood website, remembering the terrific customer service they gave me when I bought my Maple AJ from them earlier this year...great guys!



Agreed, on of the best customer service experiences I've ever had was going there in person a few years ago to pick out a nice J45.

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I bought it. It will be nice to leave a guitar in my Land Rover for when i need a little chording to break up my rounds of Golf at Augusta.




You can’t be a full chap unless it is a Range Rover, I believe. And you won’t be allowed to drive it around the course, either.


And most definitely won’t be allowed to play geetar.





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So what do you keep in the Learjet?


Century of Progress.


As an aside... regarding my money. I promise that if I had the money you all think I have, I wouldnt be slothing it out in a shtty industry.


But in the meantime, happy to play along in the fun.


If I had the money, I would


1) be retired

2) try to buy a stake in Gibson

3) tithe 10% to Grunt

4) own a D18A, A Gibby Western Classic, a 56 J50, a 44 J45, a 62 Bird

5) still have a beach house

6) still love playing in shtty bars

7) still be married to the best friend I ever had

8) never ever use my skills like this:


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