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Guitar solos that influenced you the most?


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So which guitar solos influenced you the most?

is a link of yours truly player along mine: 1) Empty Arms by SRV, 2) La Villa Strangiato by Rush (live version), and 3) YYZ by Rush. Note these are not exact duplicates note for note by I tried to capture the flavor of each one, at least to within my limited playing abilities. And yes I did use my Strat on the SRV one (don't shoot me!).


OK, I added

(see below).
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Well, I wasn't able to view your clips because the Youtube page was infinately loading. I'll try again later.


Among others, the solo and overall playing in "Sultans of Swing" had an affect on me at a young age. It really made me want to learn to play guitar specifically so that I would be able to some day play those licks.


Once I became fairly proficient at playing, SRV also hugely influenced my improv style.

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Eh, I started out my musical journey a big grunge fan not too many solos there. I'm still not into most soloing now but here are some guitarists that make me like 'em again. I guess I'd call them instrumentals though since some of them probably don't technically fit into the soloing category.


*David Gilmore - pretty much any instrumental he does blows me away.


*Josh Homme - Especially in his Kyuss days. He didn't "solo" per say but he definitely could jam and write well.


*Jerry Cantrell - This guy has some amazing solos and instrumentals. He has a heavy, yet somehow organic sound. That dude sure loves his wah pedal... some of his stuff makes me think of a grunge Jimi Hendrix sound.


*Adam Jones - I don't think he really does solos but his sound is amazing. Some of the best riffs, melodies, and atmospheric rock I've ever heard. He totally changed the way I look at guitar.


*Kevin Shields - Now this guy says he CAN'T solo, so he made up for it with a very unique sound. It just feels like a fuzzy psychedelic wall coming at you.


*Mikael Akerfeldt - I really like his guitar work, he goes from heavy licks and riffs to melodic eerie passages. Very nice.


*John Frusciante - This guy is a great guitarist. It's amazing how he can take the most basic and mundane chords and patterns and turn them into something beautiful. I especially love his work on the album "By the way". Great melodic funk player.


I think that's it... I may end up adding some more later though.

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Solos didn't really influence me the most, songs and sounds did. However, Greg Ginn of Black Flag probably had the biggest influence on my soloing just from his approach, use of dissonance and timing. I don't try to emulate his playing, but when I listen back I can definitely hear where he had an impact on what I do. The one song that encapsulates all of those elements is probably "Swinging Man."



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I think the stuff that influenced me the most was stuff I listened to before I was really playing the guitar. In other words - not stuff I learned/copied/woodshedded etc. but stuff that seeped in without me really being aware of it.


That "stuff" would be Hendrix and Clapton. As a teenager I had the first three Hendrix albums and Cream's Wheels of Fire on the turntable at all times. So even though I didn't actually learn to play "Crossroads" until I'd been playing for 25 years, and even though I still don't know very many actual Hendrix tunes (I'm not real big on copying) the stuff I was listening to found its way into my playing.


Does that make any sense? A better way to say it might be this... the people I listened to informed my playing style even though I wasn't actually learning their tunes. It just became how I thought the guitar should sound.

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I've always been a lead guy - better at lead than rhythm.


These have been influential in my learning


- Since I've been Loving You - Led Zep (especially from the movie the song remains the same).

- La Villa Strangiato - Rush

- Free for All - Ted Nugent (ok a lot of nuge influenced me)

- Cocain by Eric Clapton on the live CD in the 70s (One more night I think it was called)

- Do You Feel Like We Do - Peter Frampton

- Foghat live - the whole album


Probably the most - Al DiMeola - Splendido Sundance

Check out this video of

(DiMeola is the one with a beard - which makes you play faster)


I still have the habit of picking every note - I have to work hard to NOT pick every note.

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