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Did I screw up???? Pics


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Hey all...I made a trade yesterday that I need some onpions on from long time Gibson experts.


If you saw my thread showing pics of my guitar family you know that I have Fender strat American Deluxe tobacco burst, SG STandard, Les Paul Traditional, Gibson Explorer Natual/gold hardware, and the obligitory acoustic (takamini).



Yesterday I traded the explorer for a new Gibson Les Paul Studio in fireburst.






It has the same pickups as my SG Standard but the tone is quite a bit different...and similar..if that makes sense.


I did really like the explorer, loved the tone and look (back when I got it), but now that I mostly sit down when I play (I don't gig btw) it was a little awkward. Also I don't find it as "cool" as I did back in the day. It mostly just sat in the case. In fact I saw a thread on this forum that had a line the fits my feelings perfectly.

The quote was...


FennRx wrote:

"...I play at home sitting down, playing the explorer sitting down is like playing a coffee table with strings."=d>


My question to the experts and almost experts out there was this a stupid thing for me to do???

Thanks in advance for my continuing education.

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I did consider the price/ cost (new studio is $1300, new explorer is $1400) at least in the GC I swung into to check it out.


So there is a $100 difference now but down the road I assumed the LP (even a studio) might hold more value. Am I wrong????


Thanks for the input so far.

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Meh, I personally played an explorer not too long ago and i thought it was all right sitting down...


Still thou, if you really like your traditional's body and your sg's sound that was probably a good trade for you.


Besides, 100 bucks or happiness?

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I am with xxxlshane... a LP will retain more value. And I don't really like Explorers (unless it is AXE's explorer with the body cut)... they are just too big assed.


AXE, can you post a pic of your Explorer - I am intrigued :-k


Pretty please! [-o<

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Value wise I don't think a Studio will appreciate any better than a Natural Explorer. Gibson is making Explorers only a couple of times a year it seems so they are harder to come by.


Putting the value aside since I do not think that is an issue, if the trade makes you happy that is all that matters.


Explorers are awkward for playing sitting down but not for me personally, now trying to play on the couch yea, it is not comfortable.


Once standing up is different though, the neck profile on Explorers are the best mix between a 50s and a 60s and I find it easier to play than a Les Paul, the upper fret access is much better on the Explorer as well.


I think it is a fair trade but you have the last word really.

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I love my explorer,and there is no way on earth I would swap it for a studio.I play mine sat down all the time. If it feels strange then try sitting in the classical position, that how I play my vee.That explorer should have been a keeper as the studio will only play second fiddle to your traditional [long term] but its your choice and if its the guitar for you then thats all that matters. nice collection good luck.

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You certainly didn't muck-up if you prefer your new LP to your Explorer. This should be obvious, surely?


As far as value is concerned that shouldn't really come into the equation - neither instrument would be likely to command a very high price in the S/H market and your increased enjoyment should far outweigh any financial defecit you may experience in the future.

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First off...I really appreciate all the responses you have given. It definately went a differnt direction than I expected.


Interesting how some people are saying... why would you do that if I already have a traditional.;)


The traditional with the 57 pick ups I find has quite a different tone that the Studio so I don't find it much of an overlap. Also after being here for a while it seems as if there are quite a few Gibson lovers out there with 2,3,4, or??? les pauls. I honestly did not expect to be questioned for wanting more than one. Frankly I hope to have another down the road.


I knew that when I asked if I screwed up I would get several differing opinions...thank you all for your input.


At 43 I found that I did not feel the same way about the explorer as I did back in my twenties (no this is not an old guitar I just found them to be very cool back then)...yikes that was back in the 80's..man I'm getting old. I purchased the explorer on an impulse when I had some cash in my pocket and a friend was going through a tough financial time. The coolness factor wore off quick for me and she began to stay in the case.


I asked this question mostly from a financial stand point with the full understanding that a Studio would never appreciate, maybe not at all, as much as a custom.


I do play all my guitars based on the mood I am in on a given day, frankly it has been an SG month.



Once again thanks for all your responses as I found most of them quite interesting. This site has taught me a lot about our mutual love of guitars in general and Gibson guitars specificly.

God Bless

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