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Cool band names. Let's see em.


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Full Rolling Boil


I really like this one! (but mom was a home ec teacher, so I may be biased...)


Names I actually considered:


Darwin's Revenge

Fire Pie

The Roger Box

Schroedinger's Cat or alternatively I Killed Schroedinger's Cat (there may be a few people here--hopefully a lot-- who actually understand that)


Unfortunately, Homz and I (and our current drummer) were once in a band called "Maybe" as in...Live Music Friday night at 8:00 p.m. Maybe? And that was the coolest part of the experience.

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So would you have been a band and at the same time not been a band?


I think the best response to the original post is at this link:




You got it!!! LOL


And I love the links to the whole "band, not a band a band" thing.


I'm so impressed that so many people "get it" but I think it's even cooler that my kids undrerstand why that's a coold name!!!

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Cheap Trick.


After all these years I still can't think of a better name for a rock band.

Works in so many different ways.


They really had it going when they played at a place in Las Vegas called The Joint.


"Cheap Trick, live at The Joint"


Nice ring to it, eh?





Friend of mine had a hard rock/metal band for years called Filthy Little Bastards.


When they were trying to come up with a cool name for their band, they had little success.

Somebody told them they needed a name to get attention right off the bat.

Something kind of 'in your face' ya know, like the filthy little bastards or something....




So the Filthy Little Bastards were christened.

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Some bands I played in: The Two-Fistin Whiskey Dicks, Chickenslippers, The Sh!tters, Dem Nassty Habits, Cookie Tuff & the Slutz, The Perfect Gentlemen (the stories I could tell you about that band...)


Other people's cool band names: Storyville Stompers, Asylum Street Spankers, The Poots, Twatstomper, Kajun SS, The Classy Gentlemen, Les Turds (actually a kinda clever bilingual pun), Scumfucs...

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