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Gibson Midtown Kalamazoo 2013 Sunburst


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No, but...short scale and I'd call it a semi-solid more than a semi-acoustic.  Looks nice from here.

Specs -


If it's anything like this, it should be good, but check the video at 7min30 as he shows there is a retaining screw for the trapeze tailpiece screwed into the front.  You need to know about that.

Happy New Guitar Year!


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Thanks guys, here she is and in mint condition no less! Couldn't be happier. They only made 600 worldwide so it's a very limited edition indeed. I'm actually loving the shorter scale length. Plays fast and easier to finger chords that normally require stretching out those digits. Anyway, this thing a truly a one of a kind work of art. I don't believe that it's ever been played, looks brand new. Not a scratch or blemish to be found and came with all original case candy. Lastly, the thing sounds incredible! The tone knobs are push/pull for coil splitting and came stock with Grover locking tuners aaaaand it smells like vanilla! LOL




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Yes indeed, I have one, and it’s a super nice guitar, imho.  The short-scale is what I was initially after, and it’s very comfy - but additionally, the overall low-but-wide neck profile adds positively to the 23.5” scale’s playability.

So you get the neck of a Byrdland, mated to a rather unique body that’s far removed from a Byrdland.  Similar to other Midtowns, the body is a semi-hollow, with a flat top.  Throw in the ‘57 classic humbuckers with coil taps, and tonally you’ve got a number of interesting options.

Congrats on finding one of these, as they rarely come up.  Mine’s certainly not for sale!


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2 minutes ago, Twang Gang said:

Cool guitar, congratulations.  I vaguely remember these from 2013, but did not remember the short scale.  Sounds really good in the Trogly video so enjoy!

Yes indeed, thanks! Thanks to Austin i got to see her torn down and reassembled. Something i would never do to mine! Lol

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