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It’s Back! (The torture never stops)


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Holy crap!  The mullet seems to be making a comeback.  Haven’t we suffered enough?



I now feel the need to watch things like “Joe Dirt” again to get myself if the proper state of mind for what is coming.  



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2 hours ago, kidblast said:

yea! I can get my grove back now!! 

errr,, wait,, I'm 65 - my hair is now mostly gray, 


prolly not..


I didn't KNOW they had orange groves in Massachusetts.  [wink] (couldn't resist).

Personally, I think the newer cut of having the sides of the head shorn down to a five o'clock shadow with the top of the head much longer and slicked back is just as bad(if not worse) than the Mullet ever was.   And it tickles me whenever I get my semi annual haircut I sit in a barberhop waiting for my turn and the shop is filled with twentysomethings sporting what amounts to nothing more than stubble.  All waiting to get haircuts!  [omg]

And as one whose childhood was spent being forced to bet buzz cuts or "flat tops" (and nobody, NObody! Looks good in those) and still breaks into a cold sweat at the odor of butch-wax, and is still trying to hang on to my progressively thinning scalp, I fail to SEE the desire to have a close cropped head.  


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17 minutes ago, fortyearspickn said:

Mandolins are great.  Except for the narrow necks. Short frets.  Four pairs of strings. Weird tuning.  Small stature.  Limited application.  

So everything about them basically. The one that was played on Battle Of Evermore, by John Paul Jones sounded nice.

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14 minutes ago, SteveFord said:

What kind of look? 

This is yet another iconic mullet look

Maybe I'll give the sideways mohawk mullet a try this Summer and dye the sideways mohawk part hot pink.


Go all Joe Strummer, ala the Rock The Casbah video.



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2 minutes ago, fortyearspickn said:

I was just trying to see how many steps removed we could get from the OP....

I bought it back around, and posted a pic in my last post, of a suave hair cut on the late Mr. Stummer.

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I have been taking Biotin for quite a while now, my fingernails and hair are growing really fast. When I started the hair on top had gotten really fine and invisible, now its got some color and doesn't break off so easily.

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9 minutes ago, Rabs said:

Surely one of the most famous mullets 

MacGyver" Children of Light (TV Episode 1989) - IMDb




That is the MacMullet.

I think Billy Ray (my daughter is a gigantic s-lut) Cyrus has one of the mullets to end all mullets.



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