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It has been fun!!


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I just wanted to let you all know that I have enjoyed supporting the forums and helping you all out when I could. I am going to be leaving Gibson for a different job opportunity.


Please make sure that you forward any problems or questions to webmaster@gibson.com.


It has been a real pleasure.





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Aye, best of luck.


Handling a forum such as one for guitar players cannot necessarily be the easiest endeavor.


If the one account is deleted, heck, as a picker, come on back as shadowshadow... Or Umbra or whate'er. <grin>



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I am sure that I will check in' date=' not sure if my account will get deleted or not.. I am going to be working for a Health care software company.


Thanks for all the good wishes.





Dang... I knew the new Senate version of the health care bill was like 2000 pages....didn't know it included Turkey-Sexing as part of the new bill! (those pesky Senators!!)



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