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If you were me...


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... you'd rather buy a Les Paul standard 2004, root beer color or a Robot First Run?

AS some of you know, I'm new around here and if you can tell e what would you choose and why, would be a great help...


I've got some additional information: I found the first one @1700€ and the second one @1500€, they are both in excellent condition and I'm gonna buy my second LP primarily because I am GAS affected, then to play it with some friend once a week and last, but not least to keep it as an "investment"


Thanks a lot for your help!


here are the pics of the two!



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I'd take the Standard because I personally don't trust the Robot technology and I don't play in alternate tunings. If you do play alternate tunings, then the Robot is something to consider.


The Standard is weight-relieved (swiss cheese holes) and the Robot is chambered. Not sure if you care but it matters to some people.


Get a pre-2008 Standard or a Traditional.

That is a pre-2008 Standard.

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Man, that Std has a really nice top. Check it out. If it passes, grab it. [biggrin]


The only reason to consider the Robot is if you've got a penchant for alt tunings. And even then, you really need to check it out - as Eracer_Team said, the Robots have issues.


<edit> oops, Are Nine got in while I was posting - so +1 <

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Ummm....the darkfire has had issues. The first run Robots haven't had many issues at all. Most of those, are answered by tronical members that troll the GOR forums. Which means they can be rectified by the consumer at home.


Play both of em and see which feels and plays better.

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(Flame suit on)


I'd get the robot... in fact, I've been visiting one I'm thinking avout buying, same as the one you posted, first run, limited ed finish and case.


What I like about that guitar? The finish... I don't mind if there's robot tech or not in there. I love that frosty finish, looks like it's a really cold day in hell.





The robot tech is a plus but not a big one for me, if it dies you still have a great guitar in a different finish, and you can always replace that stuff with normal tuners and bridge.



Anyway, just my 2 cents in this anti robot forum [cool]

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I love how afraid people are of the Robot technology. Guess what? If it craps out, you just pull the tuning heads out and tune it the old fashion way. Nothing else can go wrong with the guitar that makes it any different than a traditional guitar. YOU CAN STILL PLAY IT JUST LIKE ANY OTHER LP!


It's like a car with cruise control. If it stops working, use your F-ing foot to drive! The car still works! Come on, cowards, give it a shot!

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