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I've complained before about the floaters in my LP... it's time for me to put an end to carping about burgs.


I took VincentW up on his offer to make it right, and he's issued an RMA for me to return my LP to the factory (on their dime) for evaluation and potential replacement.


Thanks to Gibson for doing the right thing.

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I, personally, have never had a bad incident, with Gibson's CS. They have always been

courteous, helpful, and in several cases, went beyond what I expected, or even asked for.

Of course, I always try to be the same...courteous, understanding, and at the same time,

clear, on what I need/want, or expect. It's really never been a problem, with them. And,

it's only good business, in the first place.



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Okay, newbie question time.... What's a burg?

Glad to hear they're taking care of you. Is the repair shop currently open for business? (what with the flood and all). Need to know, as I'm about to have Guitar Center send them my sick Robot Les Paul Jr. Special (just exchanged for another, and the new one has robotic issues as well....). It's a great concept though, I hope we can get it running properly!

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Its nice to hear about a happy ending.


That remains to be seen. They didn't offer to cross-ship a new guitar...


They have to "evaluate" it to see if the burg in fact exists.


Presuming they determine that I wasn't lying, perhaps they'll send back something really nice... like one that doesn't rattle.


With production shut down for another month or so, it looks like it might be awhile before I get anything back.

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I'm still confused... what was really in that guy's (and your) guitar?


It sounds like a chunk of sawdust/shaving rattling around inside the chamber - not unlike a pick in an acoustic guitar.


I'm not really sure what it is.

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