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here's my old les paul


front - before



back - before











Back Body



Body - neck



neck Back





Body - Vintage TeaBurst



Body II









Back body



you have seen it all.. wait for comment, critiques or just applause LOL

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I'm amazed that there was such a nice piece of wood under all that poly and black paint! I always suspected that if you removed the paint on a solid color Epi you'd find either "This End Up" stencled on ... or possibly fruit crate stickers!


Is the entire neck new or did you just replace the fretboard?



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Excellent. Beautiful job. They ought to offer that finish as an option. I'd prefer an ebony fretboard, but you have something just as good there.


I really surprised (and pleased for you) that the wood is that nice. The cap looks like a proper cap rather than veneer. They're definitely not all like that, so if anyone decides to do the same I recommend they have a "plan B" finish in mind in case the grain isn't that good, or they spoil the veneer trying to strip it.


I bet several Forums readers will be out tomorrow buying sandpaper and paint stripper...

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@bluelake07 : at first, im just curious with what it look like the LP standard top veneer, because it just comes up with black color, just asking my self, why they paint it black? maybe if i remove the paint, i can get something out of it.. and here they are...


@CB : good question CB..well.. i have 2 main reason for that:

1st. im lack of find good tonewood here.. i got 2 slabs of Indonesian mahogany ( and i even dont know, their latin name and their sound character.. was it good like Gibson or what? etc =D> ) and


2nd i cant sell it again , i mean even if i can build an exact copy "gibson Les Paul" with gibson original Part i.e humbucker, tuner, TOM, etc , i cant sell it, cause people prefer real thing : real Gibson, real epi's ( I do.. do you?) rather than a custom guitar


@MIDIMan56 :

i replace the rosewood fingerboard and change them into maple fingerboard, i change them because i think there's no Gibson or Epi's ever done it before and i love maple fingerboard because i dont have to give them oil to conditioning the wood


@antwhi2001 :

at the first time when im remove the paint, i found out that some of paint went deep inside the grain, so i have to sand it to get rid of it carefully cause i still want LP countour body.. so my advice becafull when removing the paint and while sanding

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That looks fantastic, not that it didn't look great already. I personally would have chosen some different control knobs, and chrome tuners, but it's unique nonetheless, and that's the most important thing. I too would have chosen a darker coloured fretboard. Of course it's not my choice. Is that a maple fretboard?

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That's a really nice job, very professional looking. I'm struggling just to get a black repaint job to look nice.


PS, I don't think those inlays are off center, it just looks that way because the low strings are further away from the edge than the high ones...the way they're supposed to be.

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Beautiful new guitar.

Great refinishing job. I agree, modifying an Epi instead of making your own is the way to go.

Did you replace the binding?

How hard was that?

What method did you use for sanding off the finish.


I love the maple fret board.


Other than the new Raw models, and a few Natural Customs LP Custom Natural

and of course these 70's Maple Neck CustomsGibson made some LP's in the late 70's/early 80's that had maple fretboards.

These had figured tops with a darker stain than yours.

They were beautiful.

If I can find a photo of one I'll post it.

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@ Southpaw : good for you... there's a "slight" change with the body, i made it contour body just like strat's but the "blue print" idea is when i saw Gibson Les Paul Axcess Standard ( i know somehow gibson would do the same as fender one day - give back contour ).. its a bit hard to do it - cut the back to make it contour - it comes with tear =D>:D:D:D but i know its for her own good.. AND now i play her without any rib - ache, Feel great and never been better..


@mgrasso : thank's to inform me about the 0's gibson.. now it comeback ( i never know that gibson ever change their fingerboard to maple.. now i know..:- )


in simplest way i can explain my methods is:

1st, i remove all the guitar parts

2. i remove the original paint using paint remover and wait until the paint peeling

3. i use sand paper to finish the paint removal, some of the paint is a bit hard to peel so some of it is use plier then sand it afterward ( dont forget to check the wood condition, is still "wet" or it already dry.. if its still wet, just leave it for couple of days until it REALLY DRY )

4. 1st apply the basic color then use the finishing color ( i use paint from the same manufacturer, just to make sure it has the right combination ) for this process i apply it for several times ~ in my case i apply it 4 times because the wood keep absorbing the paint and the color turn a bit pale


here's the full mod's Spec:


fingerboard / fretboard : hard maple

Tuner : sperzel locking tuner - black

humbucker ( neck ) : seymour duncan jazz model

Humbucker ( Bridge ) : original epiphone LP standard Bridge

Bridge : Fishman Tune - O - Matic Power bridge

tone control : 1 for seymour duncan jazz model Humbucker

1 for original epiphone LP standard Bridge

Volume Control : 1 master volume ( Humbucker )

1 volume for Fishman Tune - O - Matic Power bridge

output jack : 1 for Humbucker

1 for Fishman Tune - O - Matice Power bridge


contoured back body


thank's to all, and enjoy !:-&

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Dude, that kicks a$$! That is a very nice refinish. You definately need to open up a custom shop. If that is your work then you have the talent to be a success at it. Very, very nice work. I recommend moving to Nashville, Tennessee and opening up your own custom shop. That way I can bring some of my stuff to you. LOL!

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