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NGD - J-45 Legend


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I wanted to introduce everyone to my new baby! I actually bought this used a couple of months ago, but am just now getting around to posting it. It is a 2010 J-45 Legend. This is probably the most resonant new guitar I have ever played. It sounds great! Perfectly balanced with the classic woody J-45 tone I wanted. This things sounds great on a wide variety of musical styles. I play fingerstyle blues, rock, country and just a tiny bit of bluegrass, and I think they all sound great on this guitar. The perfect balance of warmth and shine. Clearly defined, without too many overtones to muddy it up. Rings like a bell!


The very large neck concerned me at first, but I actually got used to it a lot faster than I thought I would. I find it very comfortable now. The only issue is that I still have some trouble wrapping my thumb around to fret the low E string, but even that I am getting better at.


I'm not sure exactly which features to assign what percentage of the great tone to (design, build quality, materials, hide glue, etc.), but this guitar has certainly made me a believer in the combination of Adirondack spruce and hide glue construction. Whatever that magical mix is, Gibson certainly got it right on this guitar. A big thanks to the guys and gals at the Big G for producing such an incredible guitar!


Now for the pics! (Excuse my crappy photography skills!)











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Thanks everyone for the replies. I am having a wonderful time with this guitar!


Very cool. I'd love to hear how that thing sounds. Can you post a clip?


Hmm... I've never recorded an acoustic guitar before. I will have to see if I can figure something out over the long holiday weekend. I have a computer program (Guitar Rig) I have used to record electric guitar by plugging it into a converter box (haven't used this in some time). Maybe I can get a microphone and try that route.


I do have a digital camcorder, so maybe I could do a video and post it on Youtube. Of course, then I would be showing the world my lack of skill! [laugh]

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She's gorgeous!!

Not a big fan of those pickguards tho...


I kinda dig the tiger stripe guards myself. However, I'm really surprised that you can't make out the sunburst through the guard — is that just an illusion of the flash/photo?

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Congrats! what a nice J45 legend. I love pickguard and tuner.

Is this guitar comes with VOS finished? I wish to hear this guitar sound.


Thanks. I really like the firestripe pickguards. Got one on my AJ, also.


Yes, it is a VOS finish. That's why it looks kind of cloudy in the photos. Well, that and I couldn't figure out how to photograph it any better. I have only seen one gloss finished J-45 Legend. That was at Fuller's a few months ago. I don't know if they still have it.


Wow. Interesting to see how much interest there is in hearing the guitar. I will really try this weekend to get a good sound and/or video clip. BTW, I have Pyramid strings on it and really like them.

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I believe the pickguards of the Legends are applied directly to the top, then masked off before the guitar is painted. The other models with this type of guards have the guard applied over the finish. I guess it is a vintage feature special to the Legend. Personally, I prefer the modern firestripe look, but I would not turn down a Legend if one came my way...




PS there is a guy replicating the old type of firestripe guards. Search for "firestripe" and you will find it.

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My AJ has the firestripe pickguard. Other than the looks, my favorite thing about it is that it is actually applied perfectly. The inside radius matches the outside radius of the rosette and it's dead-on straight when guitar stands upright (no clockwise, nor counter-clockwise twist). Don't know why Gibson Montana has such a tough time mounting guards.

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