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Bob Dylan's Humility........


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In the 60s the media hypes tried to paint him as a protest singer and thorn, one of the talking heads asked him what his protest songs were about.... Dylan said 'well some of them are 3-4 minutes, sad eyed lady of the lowlands was almost ten minutes'.

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Like a lot of artists, Dylan looks back at some of the things he did years ago and shakes his head.


"How did I ever do that? Where did that come from?"


Different stages of life produce different works of art. At 70, your view of the world is much different from what it was at 20 or 30. At least you hope it is.


Dylan was, and is, a poet who puts words to music. With him, the words were always first. And some of them are great.

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Yes I've seen it before - a remarkable exchange. I believe It's Alright Ma is one of his favorites. Anyone remember the 30 year anniversary concert for him in 1992 with G.E. Smith as capello.

Bob did 2 songs, , , a fountain of guests did the rest. The 2 were Song to Woody and this one – (plus Girl From The North Country as an extra after the transmission was over).

Could he write It's alright Ma now the journalist asks. 'No' is the answer. I don't think he would want to. Dylan always had the urge to get out of there. Already a couple of decades ago he felt so foreign to his own former material that he could only relate to between 20 or 30 back catalog #'s. That was when Jerry Garcia took him aboard the G.D. ship and they did some touring. Guess the 2 had good a chat in bus.


Let me throw in a couple of shaking Bob quotes :

"I'm one person when I wake up and another when I go to bed. I don't know who I am and don't care".

Around the millennium.


"All my life I've felt like walking round in the ruins of Pompeii".

About this need to move somewhere else and leave things, stages, creations and peoples expectations behind.

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I remember seeing this interview on 60 Minutes some years ago and I was taken back by Bob's candor. It was a revealing interview on the enigmatic character that is Bob. This is just a small segment from the interview. One of the better celebrity interviews I've seen.

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Great interview,


He has always been, for me , one of the most 'esoteric' writers/musicians .... that there is. There is a great part of the interview where he admits "making a bargain with the d....." ( tongue in cheek )



With a nod and a wink.


The Chronicles book is essential. A favorite part for me is when he is making the album with the Grateful Dead... he had been constantly touring for the previous decade playing basically the same 10 songs!!!!!!!

He says he was lost.. no faith in himself...sick to death of it all.... but just didn't know what else he can do.... you have to read it to try and get some idea of what he means.

In the studio rehearsing with the Dead everyone ( esp the GD drummer ) would be asking him to play certain songs from the past..

He says he just could not remember them... alot of the songs he says he .." made up on the spot " ( when recording )


anyway one day he leaves the studio to have a break and enters a bar somewhere close by... There he witnesses a jazz band and the singer who is an old jazz musician causes him to have an epiphany...... he remembers a time when he used to sing like that...play guitar in a different way ( you need to read it )


He goes back to the studio and starts playing songs he hadn't played for ......over a decade..and more.


From this time, shortly afterwards we get for me the 're-birth' of Bob Dylan.


starting with the Time Out of Mind album through to the current Together Through Life ( including the outstanding out takes and live versions that constitute Tell Tale Signs ) he has for me , and many others, produced some of the best work of his career. I can think of no artist that has come close to achieving this same feat.


Anyway, you gotta love him....

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There's little to go against Dylan being a bit of a genius, however I would say he plays this angle, there's very little with him that's not calculated beforehand, even when being stubborn and uncooperative... the same deal-with-the-devil stories get rolled out every time, as much as he must tire of hearing it, he must revel it it a little too.


I'm a huge Dylan fan overall, but I must admit some nights I just can't deal with the howl


A very savvy media player if you ask me....

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Al Kooper tells about recording 'Like a Rolling Stone'...




Great stuff! We tend to think of the studio as the ultmate controlled environment, but sometimes the best things come about almost by accident, or certainly without conscious intention.

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