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Gorgeous! Almost a bourbon burst. Congrats, Rog!


It is a bourbon burst according to the paper work.


She plays like a dream.


I've only played her through the dumble clone - rocks hard at full steam and cleans up nicely by turning the guitar volume down.

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Veeeery Ace Frehley. Nice.


YES!! Like the one he used up to Destroyer, which was actually a 73' Deluxe modified with Dimarzios, strap button moved to the heel, and contoured neck heel. As well as few tuner button changes (from the stock tulip ones to the metal tulip buttons like on a Custom from that era, and finally the famous banjo buttons!). And Gibson changed the shade of the tobacco sunburst finish in 76. His original had a shade similar to this, but with less burst near the front pup and switch. All Les Pauls from 76 on had a darker shade, which was more of a black/yellow combination. Starting with the Rock And Roll Over Tour (and ending very tragically after the second date on the Dynasty tour. Poor guitar), Ace's main "smoker guitar" was a 76 Standard, later modded for three pickups. I prefer the older shade of sunburst myself. There's a great site on the net called AceFrehleyLesPaul.com. Gives details of all of his guitars and solos (as in his live solo, not solos in his songs)


But, what this axe really reminds me of is Alex Lifeson's Les Paul that he used circa Caress Of Steel/2112. Or Joe Walsh's main Les Paul in the 70s.


Anyhow, it's a sweet axe.

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Man, that's a real beauty. Love everything and the brown case/magenta fur too!!! [thumbup]


Someday I may have to look into a Les Paul myself.


Have fun with that beauty and like they say with a Harley (with an appropriate word changed), "Play it like you stole it!"



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Actually, the hardest thing is that i don't want to put it down once i start playing. It feels like an old friend.


After playing it for a few days at home I understand why you have a thing for the historics, Tim. Thanks for the input and info prior to buying.

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Many congrats on a gorgeous LP!


After playing it for a few days at home I understand why you have a thing for the historics, Tim....

I know I'll be branded a Cork-sniffer but over the years I've read comments from quite a few folk here who have shared a similar 'Enlightenment'. I certainly did with my R0.


There's just something a bit special about a good Historic...





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Its not New, but, I bought a guitar today at a Pawn Shop.

I started looking a couple of weeks ago for a guitar to gig and travel with.

I was worried someone was going to steal my SG when out.

post-36844-004329200 1336011800_thumb.jpg


Its a Peavey Generation EXP, made in China.

I might change a few things.

A Salesman I have bought from showed me a wildcat, after I told him I really liked the Johnny A. Gibson.

When I went back last week, There was a Johnny A. on the wall.

Now, I have a bad case of GAS.

He is an evil man. (Ok, maybe it has nothing to do with me.)

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