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Custom Shop SJ-200 (w/ pics)


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I started a thread about 2 months ago about the demise of my beautiful and beloved SJ-200 Custom Koa. It was in Bozeman for some warranty work. Unfortunately the guitar didn't make it. Thread here


I won't get too far into it here but i realize that this sort of thing happens (why it keeps happening to *me* i don't know!?) and Gibson Bozeman has been really (truly!) great with how they've dealt with this. Their communication over the last couple of months and the reassuring words from all of you have really set me at ease. I spent years looking for that guitar, i was really nervous about a replacement.


The last couple of years we've spent thanksgiving week with friends in northern california. This year i came up to Portland for a few days prior to that. Through some twist of fate my new guitar was finished while i was on vacation and it was able to be shipped to me at my hotel (read: best vacation *ever*).


It's pretty nerve wracking opening that box and then cracking the case for the first time. All I can say is that the entire room smells like fresh wood and nitro and i'm about as happy as bob colosi is when he reads these forums (sorry, couldn't help it =P~/ )


The guitar is a Custom Shop SJ-200 Koa (back/sides) with Red Spruce top and bound vine pickguard. We're getting to know each other now.


CFSP (Customary First Song Posting) for GillianGirl: Spanish Harlem Incident - Bob Dylan


Here are some pictures, hope they're not too big!


Red Spruce top:



Koa back:



Headstock (front):



Headstock (rear):



Front Detail:



Signed by Ren even!:



And, you know, for the launch, from my local neighborhood brewer: [-X


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no kidding ballcorner, it's not like the light-cone on the wall gave that away or anything..... I was setting jchabalk up for "it's my Best Guitar Back Wood of the Year" award from the Guitar Back Wood Appreciation Society, or possibly "it's my Patience in Waiting for Gibson to Rectify a Boo-boo" award, from Gibson Customer Services department.


hey ho.....

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Indeed, I think my reference to the shampoo indicates my comprehension of your joke, ne c'est pas?


Nonetheless, he has a beautiful guitar here and we can all celebrate a happy ending with a glass of shampoo under the bright lights of the hotel lamp (also known as the panty hanger).


It is always sad when someone bonds with a guitar and then they lose it on a warranty issue, but it is good news that Gibson appears to go the extra mile to make things right. That is some damn fine Koa on that puppy - damn fine - wish we could see the sides.

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Absolutely gorgeous. I love the pickguard, too. How can I get my hands on one of those? Well worth the wait, man. Opening that case must have been exciting, almost as good as undressing a super model. Everything about your guitar screams excellence and superb class. You should be proud as a peacock, as I know you are:) Great story!

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wow, this guitar plays easier than any acoustic i've ever used, feels more like an SG than a jumbo! except that it shakes my belly when i strum it :-k/


it plays really nicely, and sounds great! i can only imagine that the sound will change in some subtle ways over the next couple of months.


The smell of the guitar is rather intoxicating. Fresh koa and spruce mixed with nitro. I have to think the nitro is what's smelling like a mix between hubba-bubba and kerosene - more towards the hubba-bubba side. (and i mean that in a good way however strange that may sound).


The things on the table is indeed a lamp! ballcorner wins the shampoo!


I made a couple of other pictures of the sides this morning! It plays even better after a night of rest.


Front and side:



Rear and side:


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