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I was in the same boat a few years back and while I'd love to have a Ric 12 the amount of use I knew it would get (as well as practical financial considerations) made it impossible for me to justify spending that much. I wound up getting a Danelectro DC12. Cheap, yes, and definitely not a Ric, but for my purposes with a bit of compression it gives me some really good jangle and it's served me well.

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What I find interesting about 12-string electrics is that there is very little middle ground when it comes to price. You either have only to spend a couple hundred bucks on the Danelectro, or you have to take out a home equity loan to get a Ric. If you are willing to spend the money buy a Ric, also look at a vintage Guild 12-string: great guitars for a bit cheaper.

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I love my 50th Anniversary SG 12, but I don't think Gibson is producing it anymore. No one seems to have it and I had a hell of a time getting mine. The new Les Paul 12 in Cherry Sunburst is AWESOME,too!!! If I didn't already have my SG I would get one of those in a heartbeat.


GuitarsAnn [thumbup]

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Guitar Player Magazine just reviewed a bunch of 12-string guitars—electric and acoustic.

Check it out.


Here's the Carvin DC127-12.


A Gretsch Chet Atkins Country Gentleman 12-String received an editors pick from GP Mag. Gretsch 12-String.


PRS Hollowbody 12-String. Paul Reed Smith 12-String.




And the Schecter Stargazer 12 received an Editors Pick. Stargazer 12



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Back in the olden days... a Stella 12 was my third guitar purchase.


Anyway, here's my opinion for what it's worth.


In the 70s I had a solidbody Hagstrom 12 and dumping it in one of my trades was one of the more silly trades I've done. Since I started on classical and was familiar with wider necks, and since I wanted a solidbody, I should have just immobilized the extra tuning mechanisms and used it as a 6.


Anyway, about 10 years ago I decided I wanted a 12. The choices weren't much better then than now.


So... Before I could buy a cheapie of any sort, I came across a pawn shop Rogue (MF house import brand) 12 acoustic. I added a half decent soundhole pickup and a jack in the side of the guitar 'stedda in the endpin, and put on new light strings.


Bottom line is that I can do folkie acoustic, semi-folkie AE, or rock 12 rather well with under $150 including installation by a guitar tech I trusted. Frankly it's shocking at how "Byrdzie" the thing can sound with steel fingerpicks as McGuin uses and as I did way-back-when.


So... That might be an option. Were I to do it over, I'd get a soundhole pickup that has a built-in volume, if not volume and tone control - and probably stick with a single pole.


Yeah, in a loud band situation it likely would not work so well due to feedback potential. But we learned in the old days how to control that with a bit of a sound hole mod.


What would I'd do tomorrow if mine got broken: I'd get an inexpensive Epi and do a similar mod.


Here's the deal - there are better 12s out there, I'm sure, AE and electric as well as pure acoustic, but if you use the steel fingerpicks and play near the bridge, and if you're not gigging reeeeeally loudly with sound coming directly at you, most folks won't be able to tell the difference through an amp.


In fact, a single pole mag pickup probably would work far better on an acoustic than doing an AE if you plan Byrd-like stuff - but folks don't make 'em nowadays so you will have to do a homebrew.


Never played a Dean, and I'm told they can be flakey on quality although sound much like the Rick.


Or: Gretsch G5422DC-12 Electromatic Hollow Body 12 String Electric Guitar is $800 at Sam Ash as a midrange option I'd consider if I were doing a lotta that material for money.



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It all depends how serious you are about playing 12-string electric.

I got the Ric360/12 a few years ago and it took a while to get used to

the narrow neck. It is going great now and the reward you get from the

jangle only a Ric will produce is amazing.

I play some Tom Petty stuff and Byrds.

When I learned to play "Turn,turn,turn" it was like a religious experience!

The jangle and vibe you get from the intro is just heaven.

Don't let the narrow neck scare you.You'll also learn how to play very precise.



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Have a look at Pick of the Ricks in Lindenwold,N.J. http://www.pickofthericks.com/ these guys usually have a large inventory of used 330/12s,360/12s,325/12s etc. and they are well setup before they are sold,they are one of the biggest Rick dealers in the world.I've been in contact with them several times now and they have been very knowledgeable and helpful.They have a Facebook profile too.They have a used 360/12 in Jetglo there now for only $1,975 which is really good for a 360/12 in near mint condition.Fender turned out some MIJ 12 string Strats about 10 yeaars ago and they occasionally come up on E bay.

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