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4 Hayden?


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Our mate 4H hasn't visited since October 12 and that is unusual given he has been a prolific contributor.


We all know he has been struggling with health problems and like Bender, I'm sure that we are concerned about his wellbeing.


Has anyone had any contact recently?


I sent an email about a week or 10 days ago and there has been no response, that worries me as he has always answered in the past.


Perhaps we should include him in our thoughts and prayers here today dear friends and hope that he is just too busy to waste time with a bunch of reprobates like ourselves.?

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Ditto, I was away last week and didn't get a chance to post much.


But I do agree that he's usually quite active, and is a fine contributor to this board.


hope all is well with you 4Hayden


Thanks to Digger for keeping an eye on the community.

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