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Got the call Tuesday that they were in at Sweetwater and they overnighted it to me. Really a beautiful guitar! Epiphone has been releasing some cool stuff lately and this continues that trend. Guitar is well balanced, plays really smooth and the 57 classics are kickass. I know some of you hate the bigsby but I don't mind them. A few pics to prove it's mine.lol





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Cookie, thats beautiful. how do you like it ? if it sounds and plays even 1/2 as nice as it looks it's gotta be something ...


Love it. The 57 Classics really chime on this one. Sweetwater had her set up pretty nice. I tweaked her just a bit but everything is top notch with this. The only thing I would have done differently is binding on the sound holes but this isn't the Gibby version although it is a lot of guitar for under a grand. The guitar holds tune really well even with the bigsby. She's complete hollowbody so she sounds great unplugged as well. I sat last night and played it for about 3 hours and it's very well balanced and responsive. It's one of those guitars that sounds so good you don't wanna use any effects at all. Straight into my Fender Deluxe or my AC 30 sounds fantastic.

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