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A Little Help From The Asylum......


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I've been giving lessons to a special needs young man. I guess he's been hinting at a new guitar with Christmas around the corner, and somehow got it in his head he like the Dean Colt.


He also has physical limitations and is rather small, and I am concerned about it's size but googled around a bit last night and can't find it's width. His Strat copy is about the same width as my Les Paul Studio at around 13", but when he plays the Lester, even it's modest (under 2") thickness is noticeable compared to the contoured Strat copy.


His parents have asked for my advice, do any of you inmates own a Colt, or have any idea how wide they are? I think I found the thickness at around 1-3/4".


Thanks in advance.



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Murph, good to see you're still on the forum.

Hey... I took a look at the Dean Colt and noticed that it looks a like my 1990s Epiphone Sorrento.

The thing about the Sorrento from the 90s is that it has a real thin, yet narrow neck on it. It's actually the narrowest neck of any of my guitars.

Not sure about the colt, but if you're concerned about the size of a neck, the Sorrento would easily fit a child's hands.



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Think ES 335 and you got a Colt. Ever handled one of those? That's the Colt right there, tired and true.


Edit: Now that I really think of it, the Colt had a slimmer waste, but it felt like an ES-335. My 59' ES-125T is similar, but still larger than the Colt.

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Thanks all for the kind replies.


It's the BODY width I am concerned about, because he's very small and sits with it on his leg. I'm pretty sure it's going to be too big for him, I have no idea what drew him to that model. I'm going to dig into his head a little more, I only see him once a week and this JUST came up. He has a Berhinger Strat copy that plays just fine for what he does, but you know, Christmas/parents......


I might bring my '61 Melody Maker over this week...............

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