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Happy New Year


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Well, we're onto new years eve, so the countdown has begun and the new year will be starting very shortly somewhere in the Worlds.


Happy New Year to everyone, lets hope we can achieve peace everywhere.




All the best to you all & your family's,


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A cop gave me a ticket on the last day of 2017 for an expired inspection ticket. Thanks...


On the plus side, the wife got to hear Zoot Allures for the first time ever.

I think she liked Ms. Pinky the best but she wouldn't admit it.

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If you had a bad 2017 may the new year be your greatest ever.


To me this past year was another year of living. I lost a job I hated and got a job that's quite OK really. My family is healthy and me and the Mrs. enjoyed the addition of 2 new grand babies. Broke bread with loved ones I hadn't seen for years but lost touch with some I considered good friends. Such is life. I don't pay much attention to the national news anymore. Their world is not my world. Bought a few guitars for myself. Bought one each for the new Grands.


I'm looking forward to a blessed new year and wish the best for all of you.


Love is all you need



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