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If the world ended and you could only keep one guitar.


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If the world ended and I was the only survivor and there was electricity (and I knew electricity would be working forever), I would go around taking whatever guitars I could find... then just seat and play them all... compare them and post the results here for no one to see.

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For me, it would have to be my 1993 Taylor 612C. It was my first great guitar and has special meaning since I purchased it the year my daughter was born. She is my only guitar playing kid out of 4 kids so it will be her's (along with all my guitars) when I am gone, but not only is it my personal #1 guitar, it is her favorite too.


Plus, if the world ended, there would likely be no electricity so an acoustic would be a must!


Besides, she is sooooo pretty!





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Well, if the world ended, we wouldn't be here, to play them/it, anyway, so...???

But, just for the fun of it...it would be my First, which I still own...a 1964 L Series Fender Strat!

No doubt about it.


Now, if the question was "Which Gibson Guitar would you keep...that's a lot tougher

question, for me. But, it would probably be either my LP Custom, or "Lucille," and

my Fender Twin Reverb.



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