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Forgotten in a dusty corner


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12 hours ago, jaxson50 said:

Woman unearths dusty old acoustic guitar in her back room – and discovers it’s a Martin from the 1870s


There are treasures out there, you have to keep looking 

It's like the stuff from the Penthouse Forum. That stuff never happens to me. There I was looking around in a closet I have not put anything in, in years, and there it was a 1870's Martin guitar. I hope she doesn't sell it to Joe Bonamassa. He already has everything. He bought that rare 000-45 a while back. I did't even know they made a 000-45. 

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I'd have thought it worth more than what the article states.  I recall an old "Antiques Roadshow" program in which a woman brought in her Father's old pre-war Stromberg arch top acoustic he used while playing in an old "swing" and Big-Band era ensemble.  She said a music store offered her $1500 for it.  But the Roadshow guy appraised it at $50,000! And that was for a guitar made in the 1930's.   I think someone's selling the old gal short.


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I bought a 1955 ES-295 at a pawn shop for $100. Granted, the finish had been stripped off it, but it was mostly original (no LP trapeze, had a regular 175 type setup).

Bought a 1950 Conn 28M alto sax at a yard sale for $25. Bought it for my daughter, who hated it because it was old and musty. When she got to college we sold it for $1700 to help with books.

No comparison at all but today I bought a Yamaha Clavinova CLP-560 digital piano at a school auction for $20. The wires to the sustain pedal are ripped out, one key is broken, and I don't think one speaker is working but it will make me a good project.

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In the late 80s I was given (from a bassplayers attic)  the amplifier section of an original Vox AC-10 combo;  i.e. a genuine Vox 1960s valve amp with 'a JMI product' on the control panel.   Amp had been rehoused in a homemade wood box (one repairman referred to it as 'the rabbit hutch')...I started a long process of taking it to various well-qualified techs and spent £££ (I am in UK) over the years getting it fixed.  Until 2015 when the harp player in my band persuaded me to let his Dad sort it.  For £130 the old guy took out  ALL the vintage plastic bits (I've got them in a bag), put in new valves and parts and got it back working to the exact output specs it had when leaving the factory.   It's still in the rabbit hutch and it sounds bloody amazing - I gigged it several times, it's plenty loud enough and because of the no-headroom class A 10w output it just goes splendidly berserk when you turn on your overdrive pedal.  



Also - I'm glad to say I called the harp player last night and he wants to get something live going again ASAP, so.....

it's not over yet.

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8 hours ago, Sgt. Pepper said:

There should be a 150 year old Martin there somewhere.


The Twelfth Fret, here in Toronto had  a Martin from the 1800's for sale last week. When I read this thread today, I checked to see if it was still around, but no, it was sold. 

So these guitars do become available from time to time, but snooze and you lose. 


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