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After a UPS fiasco, this finally showed up today.

Too cold to take outside for pictures so here's some from the dealer.

Guitar is perfect. Looked it over from head to toe. Plays and sounds great.

Usually not a fan of gold hardware, but I like this one.

Screenshot_19-3-2024_174055_reverb.com Screenshot_19-3-2024_174127_reverb.com Screenshot_19-3-2024_173932_reverb.com



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15 minutes ago, 62burst said:

Looks amazing. Ready to go on the road with the TCB band.

Good idea to have the b/w pickguard- that thing would just disappear. What's with the gold (?) bridge pins?

Happy NGD.


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2 minutes ago, Buc McMaster said:

Very distinguished looking instrument, suitable for orchestra pit work in a tuxedo.

Brass pins are original equipment?  Odd choice.  Pins swaps should make for some interesting tonal variety.


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I really like this model. Very classy and like a Les Paul custom in look. I like this kind of customs/limited style guitar a lot more than the crazy lime green colors etc they did a few years back. Lovely!


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6 minutes ago, J185cat said:

Okay Dave. How does she sound? To early to get an accurate opinion?

Still in the honeymoon stage, but I'm really impressed. If I feel the same in a month or so, there will probably be a dozen guitars being moved on.

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17 hours ago, egoidealmusic said:

I'll be really curious as to what you think of the brass bridge pins--how, if at all, you think they affect the tone.


A real beauty! 🙂 

Sounds great as is so I'll probably not mess with it, and I'll probably never know the affect.

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Can't wait to hear a clip!  From your extensive history playing Gibsons, I just wondered if you could tell a difference.  I remember the first time I realized the difference that different pins made (tusq, bone, ebony) and I was always curious about the metal pins.  Have seen videos of the Martin ones and it is a noticeable difference.


Congrats again on a gorgeous guitar! 

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