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My Guitar got a new look!


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I'm neutral on it. Personally' date=' I think it looks nice, but it's not something I'd take to a show.[/quote']


i like to ahve something.. how can i say it.. "strange", funny to ahev something that draws attention sometimes ^^


but it isnt ment to be perfect, or i could ahve masked it a bit better.

think i gonna take away a sticker on the body mask a star or something and paint it white..

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That is a crying shame. In the past when I did not want any particular guitar I owned and didn't need to sell it, I always found it a new home with someone less fortunate than me. There's always some young kid that thinks our kicker of a guitar is a treasure find.

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I think the knobs are clever. I also like how you didn't paint around the selector switch or pups and whatnot. It has a pretty raw and cool look provided you have the chops to pull it off. I can't say I'm crazy about the color, but if you want to bring attention to yourself then I think you'll accomplish it.


Nothing wrong with experimenting on an old guitar or project guitar ... nobody has the same vision. There were a lot of people who would cringe at the site of EVH's guitars early on ... now you can buy a copy for the low cost of around $25,000


You really do need to come up with a cool name for her if you keep it that way though.

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well loads of good comments:

@deepblue: yes i will name the color "Shrekburst"

@crossroadsnyc. the knowbs are from a VOX AD30VT, changed them at the time i got the amp cous it looked better then those normal start knobs. ill name her "Ugly" ^^

@Dub-T-123: tell em you got a picture of that ^^?


i meybe gonna black coat it again get some other colors and try mask it better.

my idea:

Coat: black

other colors: white, yellow, pink, blue, red.

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