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If you were to pick one pedal of each what would you choose?

Big Arm

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An OD pedal: Marshall Guvnor'


A chorus pedal: TC. Electronics.


A reverb pedal: I've never used a reverb pedal, but these are the ones I hear great things about

1. Hardwire RV-7 (uses a Lexicon chip - way cool)

2. TC. Electronics

3. Holy Grail Reverb.

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Boss TU-2 chromatic tuner.

Best $100 I ever spent.




I own absolutely no pedals, don't need 'em with the variety of guitars and amps I own.

Had a Crybaby Wah, gave it to our kid and he pawned it with all his guitars...


However, after 30 years of praising the simplicity of a straight, clean signal path I'm considering following Bluemoon and getting an OCD by Fulltone.

Fulltone makes several pieces I've considered buying, maybe I'll finally change my mind.

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I don't know crap about pedals.


Other than my Cry Baby and volume I only have one. It is a cheap ($25) Danelectro Cool Cat Overdrive. Sounds good to me. I should actually look into more cool pedals.

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