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Music room (work in progress)

Tim Plains

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Don't mind all the junk, it's still under construction...

Should have the whole basement finished in about two weeks.

I thought I'd show you guys how it's coming along.

I'll post pics periodically when any real progress is made.


Two shots, from either end of the room. It's 23' x 13', I believe.

This room will have just my guitars, amps, computer & a few bar stools.

That cut out in the one wall would be where a second fireplace would go but I don't want fire anywhere near my guitars. lol

I'm putting shelves there for cables, pedals, books, etc.

The amps will likely go against the wall where the window is.

Lookin' forward to it!!





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Are you going to set up for recording too?

No' date=' it's just a play room. :)


Looks nice Tim! Why did you go with a drop ceiling vs. sheet rock? What's the flooring?

The whole basement is like that.

The contractor recommended it - easy access in case there's ever a maintenance issue.

Flooring is laminate, obviously. Colour is Wild Oak.


You should have made the floor from Brazilian rosewood

I thought it was. I paid for Brazilian. [-X:-$


Tim' date=' what about having the gibson logo embeded in the floor?[/quote]

Nah, what if we ever sell the house and the next owner loves Fender? =P~

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Hey Tim, just noticed... I don't see very many electrical outlets on the walls in you music room.... If you think you are going to need 25 put 50.... You can never have to many electric plus in the walls.... It sucks when you have to run extension cables all over the place.

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Dave, there's an outlet every 12 ft. More than enough for my needs. Other than my 5 amps, which will run through a power bar, I just need one plug for my computer.


I think your music room is bigger than my apartment [blink]

Didn't you know - it's not the size that matters, it's what you do with it...

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Trust me, you will need more. One outlet every 12 feet?? Not nearly enough... What happens when you get some more toys or want to record or friends come over to jam.... At least do a couple or 6 or 12 outlet bars nicely recessed in the wall where your amps are going to go.... Now is the time to do it. Tim, seriously you can never have too many electric sockets. If they are there and you don't use them no big deal. If they are not there and you need them it sucks... You start cluttering up your nice music room with extention chords and quad boxes.

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Are Nine - that space is ace. Makes me jealous. Would love to do something like that in my basement, but the neighbors are way too close and my ceiling is only about seven feet. Mine would need to have my drum kit as well.


Where you at in the Great White North? How far are the closest neighbors?

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Dave, I saw your music room pictures and I see where you're coming from. I have a Monster power bar with 12 outlets on it. All my amps will run off that. My computer will run from another outlet. That still leaves 7 or 8 other outlets that I have and don't plan on using.


evol, I have neighbors...I'm not that rich. lol

I'd say my neighbor's house is around 7 metres away.

I'm just outside Toronto.

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