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Who has problems with their bands?


Apparently, our singer, who is a high tenor, wants to do more remixes of rap songs, and turn them into breakdowns....


First of all, the songs sound like crap, always have always will, breakdowns won't make them better.


Second of all, the voice isn't there for that type of music, and it sucks.


Whatever happened to good ol' riff heavy music?


I still can't stand singers..... [scared]


I really like the sound of either a trio, or a quartet with vocals doing guitar. I hate the bs drama, it is like dealing with a girl (let the flame war begin)

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I am also having band problems. I have this great line up with me on guitar along with my friend on ther guitar and we are both totally into it and are like "Let's ****ing do this thing!" but our bass player (who is a killer player, it would be impossible to replace him with any one else where I live) is really busy and so it's hard to get a hold of him. But we are trying to get down a time to practice ever week.

And then there's our drummer. I live on and ilsand you see, so there are limited musicians around. Practically impossible to get a drummer even. They are all taken by other bands. Our drummer is probably the best on the whole island. But he is super busy with stuff for college and **** and can't even practice every week (which we are having a hard time with anyways). And really I'm not sure if he is really into playing with us. I almost feel like he thinks he's to good for our band... x[

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I hate the bs drama' date=' it is like dealing with a girl[/quote']


Talk about drama, just wait until you get in a band that really has a girl lead singer. And as was stated in another thread recently, "don't ever marry a groupie", you really don't ever want to marry the girl lead singer.


Anyway back on topic, find a singer or band that has a better fit to your tastes. Finding the right band or finding the right players to form a band takes a LONG time. I played around in various bands, some very sucessful, for twenty years before all the right players happen to show up in the same room at the same time. We've been together for 18 years now, with only changes in bass players.


The dynamic of being in a band is very odd compared to most other group activities, such as jobs or sports. It IS a BUSINESS, yet there is also a "family" feel to any successful band that has any longevity. I've found it more important to have the best PEOPLE in the band, not necessarily the best players.

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Tell him, plain and simple, what you want/require, in a singer! If he can't deal with it, part company.

Get someone, you relate to, musically. Or...do it yourself, if possible.

Clapton (among others) never wanted to sing, at first. But, he's managed to do pretty well,

handling all the lead, or shared, vocals. Unfortunately, "Drama" is a big part of most types

of creative collaborations. Be it music, art, or...whatever involves other people. Bands,

and members, come and go. Make yourself the best player possible, and they'll come to you!

Play with as many different people, and styles, as possible, too.



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Frustration with band members? Plenty! How about drummers who can't keep time. Speeding up and/or slowing down the tempo during songs. Coked up, half drunk bass players who need cigarette breaks every 3 songs. Prima Donna singers who through hissy fits. LSD stands for Lead Singer Disorder. It's not easy finding band members that play well and also get along. I just try to be prepared and bring my A-game when it comes to practice and gigs.






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Okay, I maybe should've posted this in the blow some steam section, because the lead singer is just annoying with trying to do remixes. We have played with three different drummers, and for some reason ALL of them have stopped mid song to text :D


No joke, we couldn't believe it, never during a performance, but practices and everything, they will just stop....


Everyone else is pretty on the money, I am thinking of calling up some songs, get the others to play them, and when the "lead singer" b¡tches about it, I will just tell him I take vocals for that song.


Girl lead singer? They let them do that nowadays? [lol] I am kidding, but that sounds like a total disaster, no offense to any women lead singers, but singers have that mentality about them that the world revolves around them....


For the inquiring- a breakdown is kind've like a heavy version of a bridge, or an interlude, it sometimes doesn't necessarily fit into the song, but it just goes in with drums, bass, and a chugging line on guitar sometimes, at least that's how I think of it.


I kinda want to branch off because I am tight with the bass player, he's cool, the two of the other guitarists are great, totally nail leads, and then I could do vocals and rhythm guitar if so needed....


TGod- Why don't you or another band member sing? I can tell you from my experiences, and some of the others on here, you don't want to deal with singers, they develop a "god"complex [lol][lol]


You already have that covered..... I just had to get that one in there, the joke made itself

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My last and only band was pure bliss...



Once we found the right lineup....we went through 3 drummers and 7 bass players before we found the right combo....then i moved away and collapsed the band d'oh!!!


Thats right...10 band members didn't work out well so we kept moving on....sometimes its like that. But when you have the right band, its an amazing feeling. The jamming is smooth, the writing works well, the recording is easy, and the gigs are out of this world!!!!!

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I'm counting my blessing right now. I have a good band, with a really good singer, good really bass player, and a really good drummer. But such has not always been the case.


I'd stay with what's going on, and let the rap remixes go into the songs. After a short time, I'm sure he'll notice they don't work and drop them. or who knows, maybe people will like it, and you'll be a part of something cool, even though you don;t like it all that much. Jimmy Page didn't like Robert Plant at first. he couldn't stand his screaming and Pelvic Thrusts, but he got used to it and look what happened.


Besides, unless you have some other band lined up that's better, you might as well keep up this one, if just to keep from getting rusty.


Either way, good luck.

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Every band has problems like these, no matter where you are in the world.

The right atittude is to keep things the more professional possible: if they don't meet the band's requirement's, say "Thank you" and then "Good bye!".

It's better to have a member missing than one who just puts "entropy" in.


In my oppinion, it's better to have a good personal relationship than having a great player who thinks is a "God".



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