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No poll here because there is a vast world of beer out there. A vast and delicious, refreshing, bubbly world.


When I drink domestic big brewery, I drink Yuengling. Here's why. Once in a blue moon, I drink myself retarded and sick. Whatever beer I drank to get so f-ed up, I cannot drink for a few months. Yuengling I can drink and get sick and drink again the next day and the next.


BUT my most favorite of all beers has to be Roden Bach Grand Cru which was so good the first time I drank it I almost cried. Now I cry because it is no longer imported to the United States and I have not had it in well over a year. Duchesse de Bourgogne is the only other Flemish Ale that comes close to the taste of Roden Bach.


Also I'm a big fan of Beck's original, Stella Artois, Shiner Bock, Kirin Ichiban, Butthead Tommyknocker......gosh, I could go on and on listing the beers I love.


Beers I hate: Bud Light, Coors Original, Coors Light, MGD, Labatt Blue, Miller Light, Busch, Milwaukee's Best, Mickey's....all in all cheap sh!t pee-water......I can drink Budweiser, but only if I really want a beer and there's absolutely nothing else.

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I don't like those cheap water beers either. Especially Miller Lite. But I, like you, also like Yeungling.


There is a cheapo beer called National Bohemian (Natty Boh) That's really not too bad either, but maybe I'm biased because it's a local thing.



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