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What's Your Favorite Guitar Solo?


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Hey guys Im bored again. What is/are your fave guitar solo(s)? For me, while I stay humble and try not to be big-headed, will always be my own solos just because I translate exactly what I feel that given moment. But in terms of other artist's, I'd have to say....


1. A Day in the Life - Jeff Beck


2. Black Dog - Led Zeppelin [Jimmy Page]


3. Victory is Won - Carlos Santana


4. Whole Lotta Love - Led Zeppelin [Jimmy Page]


5. We Will Rock You - Queen [brian May]


6. Voodoo Child (Slight Return) - Jimi Hendrix


7. Machine Gun - Jimi Hendrix


8. The Ghost of Tom Joad (Live at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) - Bruce Springsteen [Tom Morello]



9. Tender Surrender - Steve Vai


10. Level (Live) - The Raconteurs [Jack White]

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25 or 6 2 4 - Chicago, always loved that solo

All along the watch tower - Jimi Hendrix , love the transitions on that solo

Machine Gun - Jimi Hendrix, gotta love "the note"

Stairway to Heaven - Zepp,, I know,, heard it a million times but the solo really works

Freebird - Lynard Skynard, another one heard it a million times but was always enthralled with those licks at the end

Eruption - Van Halen, just always loved that one too

Hotel California - Eagles, love the dual leads on that solo

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I don't know why, but my favorite solo has always been Kirk Hammett's solo on 'Shortest Straw.' It's so all over the place, but it all fits.


I've heard tons of solos that I absolutely love (Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, etc.), but Kirk's solo on 'Shortest Straw' has always had a special spot in my guitar nerd brain.

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Duane's solo in "Stormy Monday" on At Fillmore East, Alvin Lee on "Woodchopper's Ball" on Undead, Alex Lifeson's solos on "La Villa Strangiato" from Hemispheres, and "By-Tor and the Snow Dog" from Fly By Night, Jimmy Page's solos on "How Many More Times" from Led Zeppelin I and on "Living Loving Maid (She's Just A Woman)" on Led Zeppelin II, Ted Nugent's solo on "Stranglehold," from his self-titled album, and Rory Gallagher's solo on "A Million Miles Away" from Irish Tour.


I'm forgetting a few, probably, but that's a good list for now.

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Rock Bottom UFO' date=' been that for me for a long time, not just because my current avatar is the album it's on [blush']

+1 on Rock Bottom also the solo on Lights Out by Michael Schenker of UFO. The Live album Strangers In The Night was also an excellent compilation of UFO songs and Schenker's genius.












Sorry about the quality of videos. It's hard to find good ones from the 70's.


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Down Payment Blues - AC DC

Blinded By The Light - Manfred Man

Don't Let Me Down - Bad Company

Aint Nobodys Business - Freddie King from Live At The Electric Ballroom

90% of everything Page did with Zeppelin (The greatest rock guitarist of all time)

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Guest rogerb

Love the guitar solo on Toto's Rosanna, but one of my all time favorites (for those who are old enough to remember) the solo on Maria Muldair's Midnight at the Oasis.

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After much thought, my top 10 in no particular order:


Cowboy Song/Boys are Back in Town-Thin Lizzy

I Can't Tell You Why-Eagles

Sultans of Swing-Dire Straits

Jessica-Allman Brothers

Who's Crying Now-Journey

Texas Flood-Stevie Ray Vaughan

Reelin' In The Years-Steely Dan

Hotel California-Eagles

Aerosmith-Walk This Way


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segovia: chaconne


It's long, long... so long it's split in two for Youtube.


One guy playing one guitar, no effects, nada.


Don't get me wrong, I like Jessica and dozens of rock, blues, bluegrass band pieces and lotza "pop" fingerpickin' solos, and lots of jazz solos but to me nothing really matches this one.




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I'd like to suggest that this become a video thread. I've not heard all of these' date=' and I think I'd like to... but I'm too lazy to go look them all up myself. Whaddayasay?[/quote']


I'd say don't be lazy and do a little search on your own. It's fun and liberating.

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